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NPJ is an international literary digital journal initially imagined from the publisher’s global treks & voyages.


Vision & Mission:

Our vision is towards developing an accessible international literary journal touching upon diverse topics, philosophies and ideas with edgy and eclectic approaches – an evolving architecture of the human voice. Our mission includes creating a group of volunteer contributors in their own fields of interest and expertise at global locations from various backgrounds and orientations with a shared interest in collaborating and inspiring each other.

LJ FrankPublisher – editor, author, writer (essayist), journalist, non-profit consultant, philosopher, artist, poet. Work also has included library executive (27+ years with special interest in library building design), university instructor & artist by commission. Studied/worked in East Asia, Middle East & Central America. M.L.S., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; M.A. (Honors), B.A., (Magna Cum Laude), Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo. Post-graduate studies at various universities.    

Nathan D. Frank, Senior Editor –  researcher, technical/design/article advisor and editor, photographerwriterB.A.,  University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor – Columnist, healer, writer, teacher, market advisor (Canada).

Uriél Danā, Contributing Editor – Columnist, artist, writer, contemporary figurative art curator, former Ambassador to the Arts (US State Department), film director (USA, San Francisco).

Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, Contributing Editor – Columnist, RN, CLNC, cannabis advocate/expert, writer, photographer (USA. New Jersey / New York City).

Kerry McElroy, Contributing Editor – Columnist, Academic, Writer, Editor, PhD Concordia (Montreal),  MA Carnegie Mellon, MA Columbia (Canada, Switzerland).

Keiko Shibata, Contributing Editor – Writer, Poet. (Japan/Hong Kong)


Tim Adam: Guest Columnist, Writer – currently resides on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Adikanda: Intuitive Artist, Author, Poet, Teacher, Writes for several publications. Founder of World Without Fear Community (Canada)

Carla Anon: Columnist, The nom de plume of a professor (currently a department head) at a southern university in the USA. 

 Fayr Barkley, Ph.D.: Columnist, Journalist, Media Producer/Director, Creator, Writer (Gulfport, Mississippi/ Los Angeles, California)

Maria Barrett: Writer, Poet (New Orleans)

Gloria Brame, PhD: Sexologist, sex therapy, author, educator (Georgia)

Andrea Brandt: Journalist  (Germany)

Mary Bryant: NPJ Emeritus – columnist, international traveler, writer, (Tennessee, Colorado & Europe)

John Curl: Author, Poet (San Francisco, California)

Jean-Philippe Cypres: Photographer, Société Française de Photographie (Paris, France)

Melissa Dashiell: Photographer (Pennsylvania)

Epicurus III: Columnist,The nom de plume of an investor, speculator, sailor (Long Island, New York)

Erica Faith: Graphics & photographer, University of Colorado (Boulder)

Oana Filip:  Former Chief People Officer & Storyteller at Pixelgrade, Community builder and host for Creativ înainte de cafea (Romania)

Rafael Jesús González: Poet Laureate (Berkeley, California)

Ralph Greco Jr.: Writer (New Jersey)

Darren Austin Hall: Visionary leader, sound healer/mystic-musician/song-channel, writer, and spiritual teacher-philosopher (Costa Rica/Toronto, Canada)

Barbara Harrison: Photographer, writer. (New York)

Michael Hinchey:  Lawyer. Retired. World Traveler (Toronto, Canada)

Andrew Holecek: Author (authority on meditation, lucid dreaming, dream yoga, death and dying (Arizona)

Haiyada Hon: Poet, (Tennessee)

Mark Hulsether, Ph.D., M.Div, BA.: Professor & Columnist, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 

Arya Indigo (AI nom de plume): Writer

Sheree Johnson: Columnist, Founder and Director of Gestalt (Ann Arbor, Michigan, Panama City, Florida)

Stevan Jovanovich: Columnist, novelist, (Toronto, Canada)

Alfie Kohn: Columnist, writer, educator, Brown University (Rhode Island)        

Alexander P. Lamis, MIT, FAIA, Lamis Architect, founded 2021.  Former Partner – Robert A.M. Stern. (New York City)

Vanessa de Largie: Columnist, Australian author, freelance writer, sex columnist and award winning actress (Melbourne, Australia)

Audrey Leamon: Columnist, Master Artist (Kansas)

Jia Li: Writer, Poet (Hong Kong)

Hualani Janice Mark: Teacher, Mystic, Writer (Ontario, Canada)

Sue Ann Marshall: Artist, Writer, Woodworker, Recovering Alcoholic, Seeker

Dave Meader: Columnistbusiness consultant, computer scientist, education volunteer (California)

Kim McMillon: Columnist, professor (California)

Jennifer Miller, Columnist, social worker (Wayne State University)writer (New Orleans & California)

Peggy Morrison: Writer, Poet (San Francisco)

Ann Noble: Columnist, Actress, Musician, (California)

Patricia OBlack: Columnist, abstract artist. (Missouri)

Ugonma Okoroafor: Columnist/NPJ Intern. (New Jersey)

Charles Ostman, Global Futurist & Strategic Synergist (Sebastopol, Berkeley, California)

Glenn Parris. M.D.: Author & Columnist, expert in Afrofuturism and self-described lifelong sci-fi nerd (Georgia)

Cheri Peters: Writer, poet, artist, sculptor, adventurer, former semi-truck driver. (Nebraska)

Lisa Marie Popp: Columnist, writer, poet, adventurer, former runway model, & librarian, University of Michigan, Wayne State University, University of California at Berkeley. (Michigan)

Keith A. Raymond, MD. Family Physician.  Family and Emergency Physician & writer, volunteering his skills with refugees. (Austria)

Edward Reid II:  Columnist, Film director, Historian (Georgia)

Morgan Kelly Diana Rein, Columnist, Freelance Journalist (New York City Metropolitan Area)

Michele Reynolds: Columnist, Teacher, anthropologist (California)

Barbara Rhine:  Columnist, climate activist, a writer, and a retired lawyer (Oakland, California)

Nathan J. Robinson: British American Journalist, Socialist, Founder & Editor in Chief of Current Affairs (New Orleans)

Signe Ruddy: Columnist, expressionistic artist, poet, mental health professional and lavender farmer (Michigan)

Angie Sanchez: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, artist (California)

Randi Sloane: Columnist, actress (New York City)

A. Del Star (nom de plume): Columnist, writer (New Orleans)

Dario Stella (nom de plume): Writer, author (Australia/Tasmania)

Ellen Stone: Columnist, psychotherapist, artist, writer (Michigan)

Elizabeth Szekeres: Columnist, international traveler, writer (Canada) 

Cathy Tenant: Columnist,  Nashville girl who knows the place is more a state of mind than a reality (Tennessee)  

Diana Tenes: Actress/Speaker, Make-up Artist, Costume Designer for Film/TV, Author (California)

Kathryn Thompson: Columnist, over-educated Britartist, poet, writer, etc,  Worked in Aboriginal education at the Red Centre for 25 years. Currently, working as a counselor and therapist. (Northern Territory, Australia)

Barbara Thoulion: Columnistpoly-genre art connoisseur (New Orleans/California)

Barbara Van Doeselaar: Columnist, writer (Michigan)

Donna Walker: Columnist, writer (emeritus- Tennessee)

Vanessa Wester: ColumnistBritish author, teacher, blogger (United Kingdom)

Sandy Whitby: Columnist, writer (Maryland)

Sarah Wise: Columnist, student of philosophy (Australia/Tasmania)

Additional photographers from Pexels, etc., are named in captions under their respective photographs.


CONTACT:  narrative.paths@gmail.com  

NPJ – Narrative Paths Journal. An evolving architecture of the human voice. Copyright © 2011-2024,  L J Frank. All Rights Reserved. Content may be used with author’s acknowledgement and link to NPJ.  Please see Privacy Policy.