An Inner Glimpse

Sue DeGregorio-Rosen

By Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

Y es….I have done this before…. used my own looking glass at times…. had moments in my life where I had to tap into my inner fierceness, that confidence we invoke because life is only a moment in time and it’s pivotal, sometimes it’s special, it’s a dangerous move….. hands are wet, washed in sea salt.  And…. I lose my breath…. I breathe harder.  Breath is the essence of life.

 In real life, I wait for this time to pass me by. In real life, I can give one thousand reasons why.  I understand it’s time, all about time to balance and heal. 

All the time – holding me up, being taught the important main techniques that I use to develop me, to empower my beliefs, and let go, let go and let God, as I understand him. 

Supportive thoughts enter my balancing act and heal my chakras to let go of any negativity. 

So, I begin to heal.

Our seven chakras have long been a part of Hindu, Buddhist, and other spiritual systems. My Crown Chakra, Our Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, our Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras light up, like a golden ball of fire. 

And every day becomes wonderful, because they are believed to be energy centers that distribute throughout our bodies.  They influence the physical, the emotional and the spiritual inside of our souls. I am beautiful and science has no explanation.

When my energy systems become blocked, you have shown me how to open.

We can use affirmations, you tell me. “Affirmations offer a potent alchemical synergy of intention, spoken word, and the mindfulness to harness the power of the present moment,” says Adora Winquist, a self-defined modern alchemist and expert in vibrational medicine.

The only way to find if affirmations work for me is to be present in the moment and know that they exist in the grand scheme of life.

2015 research article, once found that self-affirmation alters the brain’s response to health messages and subsequently prompts behavior change.

So, I look for balance…….I chant “I AM” and that’s what allows me to breathe. Your presence warms me up. 

And…. I sit and watch you fade away and I meet you in my easy pose.