And so this is Christmas

Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, Photographer

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, Rn, CLNC, Contributing Editor

And so this is Christmas ………and what have you done?   Another year over…….and this has just begun.

Office Christmas parties can be dangerous for the inexperienced.  No spouses or partners, just you and I and in today’s world, they and them….. .whatever…..

I have had my fill of parties, and honestly speaking, I had no intention of attending this year’s annual.  The same oh, same oh, people we work with, people we may not know from corporate…..everyone is decked to the gills, and everyone is into ridiculous partying. Yep, I have had my fill.  I look good, but don’t I always?  I am dressed in black glitter, skin tight across the boobs, no need for a bra, and a pretty fluffy silk mid length skirt.  My boots are black, laced up the front, my heels are high and my lips are cherry red……I am becoming fascinated by some of the looks I am getting from the corporate folks.  Maybe a little too over the top for them?  Oh well……..

I take my glass flute over to the side of the bar.  I am sipping the champagne that a handsome young waiter is passing around, hmm……delicious. But I am seriously bored.  Maybe one more glass and I will make the rounds to see if anything or anyone peaks my interest, or not. And if not, I doubt anyone will notice my departure.  Ah huh!  There you are, I see you waiting, for what?  My response?

I smile and tip my glass to you, as I see you are now making your way to wish me a Happy Holiday.

What took you so long?

Excuse me? Well, Merry Christmas to you, too… reply.

Ha!  Merry Christmas!

Why is that funny?

Because you are so cute…….I did see you watching in wait.

Did you?

Yes, I did……I reply as I flip my hair back

You have pretty hair…….

And what else?

Nice boobs…….

Oh, now we are getting somewhere.  I have nice boobs, well of course they’re nice, they cost enough. I muttered to myself…….

I bet you say that to all of your subordinates…… let’s move past all of the small talk. What is it that you truly desire?

“Very funny……you are not Lucifer from that series, nor are you “

And just then I put my finger to his lips……”but I may be Mazikeen.”

This is a Christmas party and I am unescorted.  You are one of my bosses and you think I’m hot, so let’s get this party started.  So what do you want?

It’s not what I want, it may be who I want.

And you think that person may want you back?

I don’t really care if you do or not, just looking to have a good time.

Do you have any party favors?


Like fun stuff, like something to make me laugh.

Hmm……..and off you go.  You walk away.

I wake up in the morning, I think it’s morning, the sun is out, but I don’t know where I am, or why I am naked.  I look around, there is a body next to me, sleeping soundly. and a body next to that body, also sleeping soundly. I have no idea who I am in bed with, how I got here…………..

I creep quietly from the bed, hoping not to wake the man and woman in the bed next to me.  I don’t recognize either one of them from what I can see of them, they too are naked, covered partly with a sheet. I try to get my clothes back on, without a sound……and suddenly he sits up and I freeze.  I hope he doesn’t notice me, crouching down, still naked, praying he won’t notice me.  I see some white powder on a mirror beside the bed…….good Lord, Mara, what have you done?

Now what?  I watch while he gets up, still butt naked……nope, don’t know him, praying he doesn’t see me, as he pads off to the bathroom.  I gather my things, quickly and quietly, and sneak out the door.  I am standing in the corridor of a strange hotel, I think, and I pull on my clothes,  Thank God my purse was close by.  So I hit it really fast and leave, not knowing or at this point where my car is,but my phone still has a charge.  I call an Uber and get home safely.  My car must be at the event,,,,,,,,,

What I have just described is a textbook blackout……..and I did find my car…….

When I arrive at work on Monday, no one looks at me weird and there are no tell-tale signs of anyone having any idea that anything seems off, or that anything happened at the same Christmas party we all attended.  No rumors or whispering, and I still have no clue who I was with, how I got there and well, I suppose I know what I was doing….I remind myself to call for a gyn appointment, one never knows!

Should I ask my friend, Maurice?  He’s usually up on all the post-event gossip.  I find him at his desk and sit down and glare at him.

What’s the matter?

I don’t know, you tell me…..I reply

He looks at me, perplexed by my question.  I can tell he knows nothing or he’d be leaning into me, saying ” Girl…………blah, blah, blah.”  But nothing!  I just laugh and go back to work.

 I am a journalist for a pretty high end rag……..I can/will be recognized and called scandalous!  Oh well, I suppose I will deal with this accordingly if it comes to light with whomever these strange bedfellows were.  Life goes on’

So fast forward to summer, summer in the city, I am jogging in Central Park.  I reach my destination and sit down on a bench to drink some water,  I am parched

and sweaty.  I feel someone watching me, and as I turn to look to see who it is, he walks over to me and sits down. Ugh!  Now what, what if this is the mysterious

one nighter?

Hi………remember me ?

No, and I would prefer it if you could possibly find somewhere else to sit.

I am fine right here, and I liked you when we met, where was that again?  Oh, I believe it was at The House of Yes, that was you, around Christmas time.

It’s him, oh no……but damn, is he hot.

No, I’m sorry, we haven’t met before, you must be mistaken.

Yes, we have, oh come on now……don’t be coy.

 But let me formally introduce myself.

My name is Lucifer.…… Lucifer Morningstar……..what is it you truly desire?