Quest: Evolving Political Language (EPL)

Political language evolves and meanings change. Old words and phrases are rethought in different generations. Tomes (scholarly works) are annually written on any given word and phrase. Certain forms of government overlap at various junctures.

Aristocracy:  government by self-perceived “nobility” e.g., family dynasties

Conlanguage:  invented language

Fascism:  radical authoritarian nationalism (form of dictatorship)

Kakistocracy:  government by the least qualified

Kleptocracy:  government by theft, leaders financially benefit from public office

Microagression:  comments/actions that subtly (unconsciously or unintentionally) expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group

Oligarchy is a form of government in which a small group exercises control, for reasons & goals of power. Oligarchies have at their core people distinguished by certain characteristics: narcissism, wealth/greed, self-entitlement, corporate or military or religious positions, etc.

Personalized Political Theater (PPT):  staged political performances for self-perceived personal benefit

Plutocracy:  government by a minority of the wealthiest (old idea with different faces)

Political Ghost (PG):  to become invisible – to cut off all contact

Political Prosopagnosia (PP):  inability to recognize or value “other” faces

Representative (indirect) Democracy:  people are represented by elected officials