Quest: Selected publications of Dr. Bharat Mehra, update 6/2017

  • Mehra, B.,Bishop, B. W., and Partee II, R. (2017). Small Business Perspectives on the Role of Rural Libraries in Economic Development. The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy, 87(1), 17-35. Accession Number: 120479680.
  • Mehra, B. (2017).Cultural Re-Interpretation of Race/Ethnicity and Sexuality: A Gay South Asian “Voice” From Between a Rock and a Hard Place. In Diane L. Barlow and Paul T. Jaeger (eds.), Celebrating the James Partridge Award: Essays Toward the Development of a More Diverse, Inclusive, Equitable Field of Library and Information Science (Advances in Librarianship Series), Volume 42Bingley, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing.
  • Mehra, B. and Singh, V. (2017).Library Leadership-In-Training as Embedded Change Agents to Further Social Justice in Rural Communities: Teaching of Library Management Subjects in the ITRL and ITRL2. In Nicole A. Cooke and Miriam E. Sweeney (Eds.), Teaching for Justice: Implementing Social Justice in the LIS Classroom (pp. 247-286)Sacramento, CA: Library Juice Press.