Annulment: The Clause

Adam est Eve. Etsi, Artiste. B W version

 by LJ Frank



his mind accumulated stuff

thoughts amid the dubious

perhaps genetically predisposed

the efficacy of ambiguous lyrics

are you happy, he was asked

 would it help to worry, was the reply…

and to unknow the known 


the humane is ever in want

for there are creatures without lungs

and justice requires breathing

should one assume all is an adventure

but if not for wealth goes Man,

 so next to a bride he knelt

at a sacramental altar to pray


the two were to become one

one clothed and one naked

infused with a cultivated vintage

the vested Vintner smiled in pleasure 

magic is best observed while alive

blessings a gift of the gracious

clarity is a matter of process


the affairs of a woman and a man

complicated by the lack of rhythm 

fashionably gendered and certified

for one ultimately marries a family

and copulates with the spirit,

there is no Garden to be understood

the apple was simply an allegory


beyond deep kisses of fleeting lust

seeds are passionately held in the hand

while compassion is an intercession

 the truth prefers sharing the path

but  a laugh may be a cry in the wilderness

adroit misdirection by the Stage Manager

with an Annulment Clause signed in red ink.