Architecture of Self Disclosure: a philosophical inquiry

Author. Photographer - Jean-Philippe Cypres

Currently, no technology is anticipated or exists to test whether somewhere in the fertilization of the sperm/egg continuum if the emerging embryo wishes to proceed and further activate a birth process. That sounds nonsensical but I place no restrictions on the potential future of any legally or politically affected technology issues.

Without addressing the effects of artificial intelligence being able to reproduce its own software and hardware, no organic human (person) asks to be born. Decisions are made – the mother (and her doctor if one is available), being first and foremost the final decision maker. It’s about survival.

It’s easy to say I am glad to be alive when sitting in a hospitable environ/shelter and country with enough food to sustain my life and the fluid promise-possibility of an agreeable livelihood.

It’s comparatively uncomplicated if born into a middle, or upper-class family or situation, and within a healthy body and mind. But life is/was never fair. It is/was never just. A number of us have physical and mental limitations, impairments, and capabilities. Some people manage through available resources to survive expectations. And among those that do, they may use their position to capitalize on those experiences though they know full well that an existence of wellness will happen to a minority, not a majority of people. 

The phrase of “no one said it would be easy” is manipulative nonsense, it’s a copout as is “but for the grace of God” a theological misdirection; philosophy and theology assists to assuage the unexplainable. Superficially, few worthy answers are revealed. That’s where a faith and or wishful thinking comes in to play for any number of people. Once born we are alive. We exist. We become philosophical about our situation and self as each day we approach an inevitable ending to our personal story. We may say we live in the moment…. but do we really?

Each day is filled with hazards to one’s health from poverty and disease to accidents that occur merely by walking out the door of our dwelling.

Humans have an instinctual lust for survival…. live for today retains a whimsical quality as each day we prepare for tomorrow while living in the minute….to have a modicum of independence and self-affirmation along with self-disclosure – such perspectives require a political situation such as a democracy with a degree of liberty unless we are living alone on an island. Humans tend to be social beings.

The self, and other’s disclosure, is inhibited when personal liberty is curtailed. Philosophical and even theological breathing room is severely incapacitated under authoritarian regimes and dictatorships as history has repeatedly proved.

Reason requires a recognition of the paradox of one’s aloneness and the need for both other, and self-disclosure, as noted by Sidney Jourard in The Transparent Self in which he quotes Shakespeare’s work Hamlet, Polonius advises his son, “And this above all else – to any other man be true, and thou canst not be false to thyself.”

In the beginning of a person’s life a woman gives birth from a baby growing in her womb. The birthing process is complex.  If a woman gives birth, then it’s worth human compassion to support that child on a larger scale than the family. A woman’s body is her temple…. her beingness.  If a politician wishes to legislate that temple via the uterus, then legislation of the man’s body (his temple) via the penis must also be considered.

A country’s social and mental fiber and wellness is needed to help any child grow into a mature adult. Populating the Earth is no longer a secular or theological shaping of survival. In part it’s human vanity.  The biblical admonition to populate the Earth was ardently expressed as a matter of faith and belief during periods of history when both secular and religious rulers needed bodies to perform desired tasks. How can you be a ruler without someone to rule?

All religions, kingdoms, and tribal leaders fed into this spiral of control. The scriptures of all faiths are hearsay and contextual. Especially when it comes to human behavior. They are inspirational and uplifting as well as demeaning and require thoughtful application and compassion. Man deems certain writings sacred. And sacred writings such as the Old Testament and Torah are not God’s activity in history but man’s rationalizations and attempts to deflect and place the burden of human actions on the Invisible (God, Allah, Yahweh, and so forth).

For society to exist is more than to dominate or to submit – that’s too simplistic a mode of beingness…. existence and life cycles are more complicated for the person. The person struggles for awareness versus being in the crowd experiencing the related propaganda as Jacques Ellul has pointed out. Self-identity and self-worth are achieved through self-examination and being transparent and not through self-deception.

Transcending “isms” and oligarchy induced social behavior patterning is not easy. It’s complex. If universal peace is desired, then universal ideas must be considered…. for as Jesus noted in the Gospel of Thomas…. the kingdom of God is spread out before you – an idea that Tolstoy would express indirectly, in his work, The Kingdom of God is Within You.

All human birth brings with it a person with capabilities and disabilities. A percentage of people have the capability of rising above their disadvantages but certainly not all by any measure regardless of policy, legislation, or rule.

Disinformation, illiteracy, fear, insecurity, injustice, pain, and self-loathing, and immaturity help effectuate violence.

To offset the negative psychological tendencies of existing without a say in the matter, a universal basic income for citizens of a region, territory, and or country is but one opportunity to assuaging the challenges of being born in an over-populated world. Those people in those areas must regularly receive a minimum income for being birthed over no fault of their own. The income would be paid only to those who do not already receive an income that is enough to live on.

The architectures of our mind and our space are rapidly changing. No authority can place things back in a box in which they can rule over, regardless of technology and ludicrous rhetoric.

The literate and reasonable mind is condemned to be make an individual decision even within the shadings of environment and artificial technology.

To disclose or not disclose who we are to ourselves remains a challenge and an opportunity. Is it possible to walk away from it all?  One must be caring of decisions that have a potential eternal impact on self and others.