Rhythms: Benign Venus by Kathryn Thompson*

Sitting outside in the dark,

bare feet pushed

into the warm sand,

I gaze up at the night sky

and there is Venus sitting

right in the lap of Scorpio.

I think of you.

The evening breeze

gently cools my skin

and suddenly I am there right beside you,

on the rug in the garden,

both of us smiling dozily

in the still afternoon.

You rouse me from my laziness

and still half stoned we pedal into the fading light,

down to the waters’ edge to be part of the sunset.

We laugh and talk and kiss and pet

then snuggle up as the evening falls around us.

The stars begin their twinkling

and Venus magically shines so bright.

You pull up my skirt and expose my bare skin

to the moonlight and the salty air.

Kissing me tenderly,

you fuck me intensely

and the cool evening breeze caresses my thighs.

You suck my nipples and make me cry out

just as the birds coo their last goodnight.

Back on our bicycles, we cruise home

whizzing round the corners, free wheeling all the way

my heart bursting.

*An over-educated expat Brit, artist, poet, writer, etc, living in the Northern Territory, Australia (28 yrs with brief interlude of 2 yrs in New Zealand). Worked in Aboriginal education at the Red Centre for 25 years. Currently, working as a counselor and therapist.