BIOVERSE by William B. Miller Jr., MD

How the Cellular World Contains The Secrets to Life’s Biggest Questions

Reviewed by LJ Frank

The Journey Inward: Dr. Miller begins the  journey with the Cosmos. Multiverses and man. How do you measure the invisible? You can’t. This book is about something closer to home. Our bodies and the Earth. This is a work of fine scholarship, and profound insight in the natural intelligence of every cell in our body that Miller brilliantly explores and exposes. He brings scientific venues together to show how we are all connected. This excellent book is a passage inward into what constitutes a human being.

Sampling: From basic evolution questions, “If life is about problem solving whose problem are being solved?” Cells are solving their problems with all types of environmental stresses in nonrandom ways. See page 91

Our body is filled with microbes. The chapter on My Microbes Made Me Do it,is as the author suggests, not for the squeamish. Stress and mood interact with each other. The microbiome has a place in that interaction. The parasites in your body can serve as a trigger for an action. It’s not that we are fated but our cells make a strong statement as to who and what we are and how we respond to our environment and its stresses. Our individual cells are processing information throughout our life.

Each chapter is filled with a thought provoking take on how cells function and the consequences to us as individuals. We are filled with microbes from birth to death. Our bodies are in essence on a mutual journey, Cells in all living things are also on a journey from the moment of conception. Our understanding of who and what we are is both provocative and limited. We live in the Era of the Cell and we survive and exist together and not in isolation.

This is an excellent read and reference tool. Highly recommended for academic and public libraries.

I reviewed the original manuscript and wrote: “Dr. Miller’s brilliant insights into evolutionary biology are provocative and prescient. Bioverse is a profound work of research, exploration, and contemplation with a message – all cells are intelligent. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in our beginnings and our present understanding of who we are as human beings.”  – LJ Frank, Publisher of Narrative Paths Journal, author, artist, philosopher, and former library director