Rhythms: Blind Revisited by LJ Frank

Source. Pexels.

It’s not easy waiting…

patience may wear thin when you know the end of the Play

is just that and nothing else,

to bear fruit is a personal habit for the seed of a hope

while the breath of the soul and the well-being of the mind waits

its easier to smile when not knowing the given moment

fear, jealousy and anger have few places to hide

they are mere obstacles begotten from the semen of vanity

ill to the beating of the heart,

the body is only troubled when movement is uncertain

to see is precious when unable to

and to taste is sensual when received and given free,

distant from the inability to recognize another face’s authenticity

unable to view their judgment unless spoken,

it’s inevitable to mask self-awareness in dark places

for light is offer  swept up in the wind like a flower’s pappus

only to serve as seeds for the want to exist.