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France. Credit: Nathan Frank, Senior Editor/Photographer

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 Publisher’s Log

05/02/2021             NPJ Update: Upon review of subscriber suggestions we have eliminated the Comment section. We are reviewing trends, usage and future possibilities for the journal. We are adding a Journal Dispatches on Monday, May 3, 2021.

04/07/2021             NPJ Update: Comments – we are experimenting with the comments section at the bottom of each page. Our surveys have indicated mixed reviews. We welcome feedback from our readers at

02/05/2021             NPJ Update:  Privacy Policy including Protocol for reprinting & permissionFurther updates in plug-ins and site design details.

12/24/2020             NPJ UpdateWe’ve added a monthly column titled Jazz & Blues Edge open to all enthusiasts that would like to have their reviews published.  

11/08/2020             Privacy Policy Update: Our  Privacy Policy was updated todayPlease review. If you have any questions please contact us at – attention Publisher. 

10/06/2020            NPJ Usage Update:  Since January 2020 NPJ has had over 53,000 visitors, from over 100 countries, with over 281,000 visits (visitors on the average read more than one article per visit). As of this past summer we have updated our data collecting structure.   

7/17/2020.           Mission Update:  Narrative Paths Journal is an International Literary E-Journal that’s opening the door further in how we use the new technologies to match the global Reformation taking place. We are exploring the use of video and audio technology through Zoom interviews upon the support and approval of the interviewee(s) to record such interviews.  Zoom, though unedited is direct and accessible.  Zoom would exist side by side with the written interview which is still the focus of the interview for the sake of research, clarity, editing, and deeper reflection. We will also be exploring other forms of communication when effective. Links to Zoom interviews will be provided.

6/07/2020            Website/Language Translation:  As an international literary magazine we are making every to incorporate the major languages of the world. There’s a translate symbol at the top left-hand corner on each page indicating countries/flags and languages in which NPJ can be translated.

6/02/2020           Update: NPJ continues to evolve, explore and experiment with diverse global issues and topics. Given its scope and extensive outreach NPJ was also reclassified as an International Literary Magazine in May of this year. 

4/01/2020          Index: We are in the slow process of revising our index.

3/06/2020          Update: NPJ was offline for a couple of hours earlier today for site repair including ISP issues.  Thank you for your understanding.

2/04/2020          Subscribers: Thank you. We appreciate your interest and support and welcome your thoughts and suggestions. The number of subscribers is currently in the thousands. 

1/01/2020          Update: We continue to fine tune NPJ journal. Most of the changes are subtle – seo and readability improvements, editing, design, and content while exploring new and diverse subject matter for 2020. We’ve also seen an increase in global visitors. We thank all our visitors and contributors.

11/18/2019          Writers & Photographers: We welcome writers & photographers from around the world. Please visit Submissions guidelines.

10/14/2019         NPJ content: may only be used with author’s permission and acknowledgement. We are in the process of further updates. Your suggestions and questions are valued. Please contact us at

7/31/2019          NPJ Privacy Policy: updated.

7/05/2019         NPJ is geared towards the mature minded and intellectually tolerant reader: We endorse the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Former US Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan: “one man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric.”  (See Privacy Policy)

6/27/2019          NPJ web hosting service:   Our web hosting service is SiteGround. Our WordPress theme is managed through Pixelgrade.  We also us the services of Yoast and  continue the process of fine tuning  our website, If there are any questions or comments please email us at

5/22/2019      Domain change: Our new domain is and is a secure site.

5/01/2019      Non-profit transition: We are continuing to make changes as resources allow and thank our readers for your understanding and patience. NP Journal continues as a non-profit journal. However, as volunteer support diminishes we are exploring alternative revenue sources and opportunities to update the site, We welcome your recommendations and support.

4/20/2019      SEO transition:  We have changed our SEO/platform and are in the process of upgrading NP Journal along with a new web hosting. The result of these changes has and will cause some glitches and access issues for our users. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We hope to have remedied all previous and current glitches and error issues as soon as possible. Our staff is volunteer. Thank you for reading NPJ.

2/07/2019      Comment / Subscriber information Revisited.  The only two requirements to post a comment are your name and a legitimate email address. Your email addresses are never shown and NPJ deletes email addresses under the Comment section. It maintains email addresses under the Subscriber section for notification purposes. Also, we can provide your first name only or pseudonym under the comment section as you wish. Your privacy is important. We ask for a legitimate email address as we use security software and are attempting to curtail malicious log in attempts and spam. The publisher reserves the right to edit comments for clarity and length.

Postscript: NPJ is considering for the longer term of revising or possibly removing the comment section and replacing it with a different format and design. We have been asked by a number of NPJ readers to create a forum where people can readily exchange ideas with each other more effectively and efficiently as we focus on issues. We are considering that suggestion among others. We appreciate the input.

12/22/2018     End of year changes. We will continue to make subtle changes over the holidays to the Journal as we transition to different fonts and design.

12/21/2018     NP Journal Subheading. We have transitioned from a journal “experimenting with ideas” to  “An evolving architecture of the human voice“…offers different opportunities in exploring subject matter and issues.

11/16/2018    Editorial changes.  The Journal continues to make subtle changes in style, format and content as our philosophy evolves. Being non-profit we are exploring different types of link and connection arrangements with other sites in different parts of the world.

8/09/2018   Comments.  We welcome comments and questions. Private emails of people offering comments are not published or shared.

7/29/2018    Author’s travels & writingsLJ Frank continues to travel and write, stopping at various junctures to wordsmith two of his latest novels and wade into the water of small ghostwriting projects among different ventures. Also, has explored boat living on the Intracoastal Waterway among other locations.

3/30/2018    Emails from abroad. Have received emails from different countries. Several have enjoyed but wanted to ask if my (L J Frank) poetic Inquiry of Not all breaths are the same alluded in part to events in their country. My essay is universal. Thank you.

1/17/2018    Awareness. It evolves and if fortunate arrives spontaneously after much experience. 

1/06/2018    Volunteers & Internships. NP Journal exists solely on the efforts of volunteers to date. We are exploring other opportunities, along with internships for continuing education credit, selling publications and so forth. We are open to positive suggestions from our readers as to content and direction. Thank you. Email us at:  

12/24/2017    The American Oligarchy.  The country is firmly entrenched in an oligarchy. The proverbial “this too shall pass,” is the long-term view. The economic and political vision retains a short-sightedness. The environment policy is treacherous and rumors of war are purposeful. The down stream effects of current administrative policies appeals to the negative, the manipulative and the ominous. Resiliency, resistance, compassion and a sense of humor are essential.

11/20/2017    Location & writing.  Places where I have found beneficial to my writing – desk in home office, kitchen table, coffeehouse, motel room, bookstore, library, train station, airport, national park, cabin, beach, boat and car.

10/29/2017    Looking at a global impasseIn his work, Years of Upheaval, Henry Kissinger wrote, “There is always something abstract and exoteric in the contemplation of nuclear strategy…Flying over fields of missiles capable of destroying humanity on the basis of a single decision by an individual of normal fallibility, whatever the safeguards, evokes a latent uneasiness about the human condition.”  Having traveled. lived and worked around the planet I ask what is new? Why are the incentives for brutality so plentiful? What is the purpose of instilling fear, war and terror (are examples), the odious competition for smaller pieces of the pie and the increasing wealth for the few shared with each other?

10/15/2017     Subscriptions and Comments. This is continually reviewed for information and automatically categorized as spam if the email address is questionable. Email narrative.paths@gmail directly to make comments and suggestions.

10/10/2017     Political rhetoric. It grabs the person’s emotions by the neck taps into primal feelings, insecurities and fear, and overpowers knowledge and reason. We live in such a time where an unplanned and unexpected incident is potentially catastrophic, altering the course of the future and the meaning of history.

10/08/2017     A Change. Especially in geographical location and culture is like breathing in the fragrance of a forest after a rain. 

9/05/2017     Writing.  Past two months editing book/rewrites. Planning more changes with website. Interviews forthcoming. Guest Columnist always welcome.  Mentoring.

8/12/2017     Books. New book started. Two at publishers waiting for possible further editing. Rain late at night. Love the sound of rain on a mountainside cabin metal roof….undisturbed by time.

8/03/2017     At the coffeehouse. Write, think, text, then drive…Writing is revealing one’s thoughts and feelings, becoming in essence naked and open to judgment by friends and strangers regardless whether it’s a novel or an actual life adventure or struggle. There are other more quiet ways of striving to make a living and passion alone will not pay the bills….but it’s fun with a meditative quality.

7/20/2017    Canada to Ann Arbor. I met with old friends today, between my readings and driving, listened to a psychiatrist and a journalist (foreign correspondent), she and he and I discussed issues of the day in different parts of the world. No resolution, just a worthwhile discussion and smiles. Doing some consulting work and cultivating increasingly minimalist philosophy.

7/18/2017     Rare art dealer. Met in Toronto about a primitive art object used probably in some type of ancient ritual …had a fascinating conversation that added some depth to my latest book…and caused me to think about the things we create, design and invent in life that may at some point achieve mythical status.

7/16/2017    Thirteen hours later, across five states…the significance of a decade long endeavor…can change through an enigmatic text message and a chance meeting.

7/15/2019     Evening…stars blocked by light…sipping black coffee…writing…text messages…emails…more coffee…write…final chapter….edit…write…coffee…schedule….perhaps 500 miles or more…satellite radio…music, news and interviews….talk to self….write down ideas in mind…coffee breaks…“ambiguity” as someone by the name of Jessica wrote me four years ago, makes for an interesting life….

7/03/2017   Eventually. I had to write when I opened the bamboo shutter curtain, walked out on the narrow balcony with its three-foot high textured stone railing and momentarily fixed my gaze under the bright yellow sun toward the blue-green Bay of Bengal while taking in the pungent odors from the street below with its milling crowd – men, women and children hawking their wares and foods. Then, casting my eyes down I noticed a thin, singular individual, dressed in a worn out sailor’s uniform from years gone by and with a large forehead and a lantern jaw and the deep-set eyes of someone lost in thought he could have passed for a character from a Joseph Conrad novel.

7/01/2017     Rhythms. We anticipate changes in NP Journal design and content.

6/06/2017     Interviews & Guest Columns. Are now listed under Announcements – publications (books, articles, poetry, etc.), book signing events and links to periodical, radio, television, YouTube and film (interviews, talks, speeches, performances, etc.) by people who NP Journal interview including Guest Columnists as part of our efforts in getting to know and connect with people and their work.

4/20/2017    Site update – plans. NP Journal has evolved strictly from a ‘blog perspective’ to that of a ‘online magazine’ with increased input from contributors while crafting format, content and style changes. We appreciate and welcome our reader suggestions and can be reached at the following e-mail address:

3/22/2017:   Site requests. Long range requests for added photographs plus video/YouTube and podcasts are being explored along with suggestions for interviews and guest columns.

3/10/2017    Usage.  Began developing in-depth statistical data for NP Journal in 2013 and forward, a year and half after we initiated the site in June 2011. Our data shows we are having an average of 60 + impressions & views per hour, 24 hours a day with fluctuations in numbers depending on what is published including the day of the week and the time of day, and within the context of people’s schedules and locations. As of 1/2017: 900,000 plus impressions & visits.

3/04/2017    Site update.  Exploring more subtle designs to enhance the reader’s experience.

3/03/2017    Site update.  Very recently experienced plug-in configuration issues that are hopefully resolved. “Resolved” is a fluid term. We fortunately use the services of DreamHost at this time.