Rhythms: Can you hear me now?

by LJ Frank

The old man read every day since childhood

his appetite voracious for knowledge

the hunger never left him after years of voyages and treks

studies and experiences around the Earth

verses in the geography of the soul

knowledge was core to his existence

nothing else was equal to it,

yet all was temporal including what he had known

and what he thought he knew.


The mirror didn’t reflect the vitality within

though the noise of culture affects hearing

while the quality of vision alters bearing,

strands of hair turn gray


affecting another’s smile

words spoken sideways to his face

ageism, no disrespect intended

some call it “Elderspeak”

with a potion to de-accentuate the wrinkles

a spirit pleading it was not there yet.


Another day passes by

and the mindful teacher within asks,

can you hear me now?