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Capitalism, competition, and technological development tend to widen the information, knowledge, and power-control gap. Oligarchy is informed tyranny.  Yet, the impoverished, like a student, "are not empty vessels waiting to be filled". Junctures of awareness and action occur when experience, education and the violence of poverty merge and become a catalyst for a change in direction.   ljf
Refugee! The Emerging Paradigm? High technologies, war, climate change, food shortages, overpopulation, disease, persecution, unclean water, human indifference, greed, authoritarianism, traumatic exigencies creating a rise in global instability. The United Nations Refugee Agency has confirmed that there are over 100 million refugees worldwide and increasing on a daily basis. If you were to become a displaced person where do you go? How do you survive? Or do you simply become The Refugee?       May 2022
"A professor once referred to me with the anonym of Writer in Exile or WiE. He figured there would come a time when I'd find myself as a disenchanted foreign correspondent, an expatriate, journaling on a manual typewriter in some remote Indonesian or Malaysian port, while the name bestowed upon me at birth was curiously lost in transit."
Writer in Exile - a Memoir & Metaphor
L J Frank