Civic Musings: With the Image of a Memory to Spare

City Painting: Abstract

 by LJ Frank


Mingling bodies on a polished concrete balcony; attached to a modern dwelling, framed by the city’s skyline and the nearby watery depths of an inland sea, which, though quiet on the surface is noted for swallowing the incoming caffeinated river with schools of intoxicated fish.

 Ministerial duties remain behind as the downtown was/is holding a retainer’s fee, and the benefactors posed in the main living room, classic black evening wear, and fine leather shoes, heels and purses sprinkled with celebrity dust.

 The cliques of the prominent spilled over into the wine cellar but it wasn’t exactly clear who was who for everyone’s hosiery was snagged with political threads and in the dining area countenances from another side were sipping Manhattans.

 Flushed cheeks on faces too proud and embarrassed by the amount of money in play, yet the city bowed to an obesity with fleshy jowls who was holding on to arm candy; and instead of evoking the legal right of blind justice, the proud smiled at being conned, for the name was already affixed above the accommodation’s entrance. And so they ate the costs and figured they could exercise later and pass along the charges to the citizens of another class. The dividends of an investment does not always fill accounts with the measurable.

 And resting on a yacht a distance from the pier, sweet smelling smoke rose from three figures who received a blessing of the bread and wine by one of them wearing a collar – take eat and drink in My Name, the sacrament of communion affirmed with signatures in red at the bottom of the page, and now considered standardized; and it lie on the table under a full moon.

Some never pay for their actions and simply die in their sleep while others not so much; chance is a copilot of human existence and will at times appears to be wearing the contextual environment cloth of a passenger.