conspiracy & heresy: “philosophical musings” on existence

by L J Frank

What is that which comforts you and allows for the grace of being?

The utterance of Om is primordial. Philosophically it’s the sound of harmony, a balance to the agony of chaos in the earth’s reflected beginnings. The haunting utterance is found in ancient nomadic tribal oral traditions on different continents. Man is a mammal that naturally seeks inspiration as if it were built into the cognitive thriving of the human cell.

Tens of Thousands of centuries into the evolution of humans the Agnus Dei became a creation of the mind seeking inspiration through the want of affirmation through a Being greater than himself. And an explanation that served as a grounding through architecture, art, music, stories, and much more – all that which we are familiar today, emerged through the centuries.

The language of the human spirit and the intellect evolved in the primitive brain with magic an intermediary with the surrounding natural world that took root, and man through trial-and-error invented words to approach, access, and give shape to the otherwise shapelessness of his existence.

Sell-revelation begins within, and all thought and tolerance emanates from the mind and heart, and if fortunate, before the end of our life, we may discover who and what we are beyond our biological identity, achieving a deeper humane and profound awareness.

As I read the history of human thought and awareness, tolerance is found in want like a destitute child alongside the road. I sit here listening to a Gregorian chant not unlike the one that resounded off the stone walls of the Spanish Inquisition with the crying echoes of so many other trials of intolerances, and priests judging heresies. Male and female were beheaded among diverse horrific tortures for believing differently and not accepting their tormentor’s disinformation. Belief superseded knowledge and facts. The tormentor’s belief is a double-edged sword if found to be untrue. For if one realizes one has deceived and contrived false statements that self-revelation causes the tormentor to grow in anger and denial when having their injustices and lies pointed out. Such is history. Self-deception impairs reason. Knowledge is closeted if not disemboweled.

Who are those that judge? What intellectual material exists on the library shelves of their brain? Intolerance, arrogance, and illiteracy destroy the soul, the heart, and the dangling threads of human compassion …all shredded for the sake of another’s ulterior motives, and the insanities of power and influence. Fascism and authoritarianism of the 20th and 21st century are but two examples.

Where is human compassion hiding?

Where is wisdom in a time in which the agenda of conspiracists are given credence over evidence? Is conspiracy a syphilitic marking of the soul whereby the grace of conscience is left wandering alone in the wilderness of illiteracy?

My ears strain to hear the feint echo of love they neighbor. Albeit, the conspiracies of existence offer a view beyond the edge of meaning. Is to destroy all those who are in opposition the only answer? What does the path to suicide look like? Is not suicide a form of devout dissent to the tyranny of avarice, control, and hate?  And does man’s God remain invisible except through man’s words that he wrote and made sacred for the sake of a guide towards wisdom and love…and hope?

But is hope then merely a parasite for the impoverished mind, body, and spirit that feeds off an illusion…there are no spiritual microchips in the bloodstream from an injection of sacred words, nor is there any evidentiary reality of my freedom except through the architecture of my voice and my movement. Conspiracies affecting masses of people in the whole of history are few in number and mostly abound in the human mind to be taken advantage of during an Era of Unreason.

 When does one ask how much is enough of the virulent language espoused by deception when the voice of truth is lost and the chant of compassion becomes a lonely cry of the heart.

There are no vast right- or left-wing conspiracies or conspiracies-at-large…just people succumbing to fear, insecurity, living on the edge, and all that is fed into each day by those in want of greater influence and wealth. To what degree will a human lie to themselves and to what end?

Waiting to make its entrance on stage in full display is artificial intelligence with emotional programs to fill in the blanks…even so, I have doubt and doubt is my salvation.

The human heart seeks affirmation and transcendence is an art. What color is your mind the Tibetan Buddhist asks for that color will determine what happens in the final moments of breathing.

It’s only human to want a place to eat, work, meditate, and sleep securely in an insecure world. The voice of conscience is a reminder of our common humanity and not to despair for life’s narrative is that no one is superior to another which is all woven together in our final breath.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh refuses to be given a name.

Humility and compassion are bewidered in a world of existential angst and require grace and courage – a path to conquering oneself. Survival of the human species and the planet are wedded together, for good or ill.