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“Narrative Paths Journal is a literary magazine focusing on new philosophies and ideas.”  Uriél Dana

Rainy day in Paris, France. Credit: Nathan Frank, Photographer

About Us

A summary of the vision, mission and people who offer their insights and expertise.


Abstract Expressionism. Frank’s paintings are on display in business, professional offices, non-profits and private homes.


Cover Page. Evolving.

Flash Fiction

NPJ perspective –  a brief or very short story based on an actual event, or a dream, an idea, a thought or vision and allows for the possibility of an unforeseen twist of events or occurrence. The implication is there’s a much larger story.

Guest Column

Guest columnists/contributors – exploring experiences, thoughts, philosophies and trends on a variety of topics. May include links to online sites, and offer updates to writings, publications and social media presentations.

Guidelines: the length of a written article we have learned is relative to the subject matter and the audience. In other words from 300 words to approximately 6000 + words. We’re adaptable. We welcome videos, film, You Tube, podcasts, photos, art works, cartoon drawings and other formats. The true limits are one’s imagination. 


Philosophical approaches and offerings to varied artistic, cultural, literary, political, religious, scientific and social matters and based on actual events, subject matter and people.


Insights and thought-provoking observations of varying lengths, brief to extensive, in areas that are engagingly diverse and in a few cases paradigmatic. 


The absurd, amusing, chimerical, dramatic, droll, erotic, existential, offbeat, provocative, romantic, satirical and whimsical.

NPJ Book Review

Books from the past to the present reviewed within the inquisitive, exploring nature of the journal. All reviews are by L J Frank unless otherwise noted.


Photography by professional and amateur photographers.


Preview listing of L J Frank’s published books with links to retail availability, includes works in progress.


Searchings, journeys and pursuits of NPJ group, columnists, interviewees and other contributors  – includes books, articles, links to periodical, radio, television, YouTube, theater and film productions, talks, speeches, programs and performances. (Formerly under Announcements)


Varied, contrasting and unusual shapes of experiences and thoughts in the form of non-traditional poetry and prose. (Under Revision)

Short Story

A short story for NPJ purposes is fictional prose and exploring the atmosphere created by moods and occurrences – comedic and dramatic with erotic, existential, exotic, random or tragic emphasis. It’s generally longer than flash fiction and without a twist at the end.



Links to NPJ Group, Flash Fiction, Guest Column, Inquiries, Interviews, NPJ Book Review, Quest, Rhythms and Witticisms.

NPJ Briefing

The Briefing includes: Visitors by country, region and union and the irregular Publisher’s Log.     

Privacy Policy (2019)

Our Privacy Policy is reviewed on a regular basis and updated. Disclaimer: All opinions of an Interviewee, Guest Columnist and other contributor represents their views and not necessarily those of Narrative Paths Journal.

Comments: Please note the email address of the person contributing a comment including their surname is deleted from our files unless she or he is a subscriber and wishes us to send them updates.


For literary and artistic works.