dernier cri: on kindness & other intangibles

by LJ Frank



with street literate musical notes

the ringing in the ears is an allegory

 concertos of the spirit are symbolic of an unknown

and fashionable kindness an exhibtionist’s metaphor


a child birthed or aborted is not a legislative matter

the query of luck and circumstance are under advisement

to work out one’s destiny is a situational matter

but success may dull one to tears


pleasure is an elusive thrust for some

avarice was never a sexual lust for others

clear thought a beggar’s wallet is a stark warning

and alternative truths prefer the contortion of a lie


are you happy he asks from his comforts

do you believe she queries from her lectern

keep the faith they admonish from the pews

whatever comforts you, page seven in the hymnal


too many bodies laying and rotting in want of God’s love

fields tinted in red and grief, voices heard in silence

hope is an ally with encrusted wounds

where does controlling others find seed in the heart


a vessel voyages across the high seas

a satellite image captures the captain’s  eyes

shipping was and is a global enterprise

and nationalism is a political tool


disinformation scars and bleeds

hablando desde los dientes is speaking from the teeth

fascism is a uniform voice to breach democracy

the pathology desires a climax that translates into extinction


profit to be made, flesh to be sold, trinkets of the heart

enslavement is freedom and truth is a parlor game

who stands to gain when grains of food

turn to dust


the Book of Job is a metaphor

all is vanity a harbinger of Qohelet*

meaning is sought under the sun

as drought and water redefine place


conviviality is waiting in the anteroom

the next fashions to be revealed

on wire hangers next to the remainder’s table

a sign above reads, what is there to lose


breathe deep in the OM of a smile

my DNA whispers, harmony is a genetic expression

kindness, is the want of harmony

the lead violinist of grace.


*perhaps the author (Qohelet is the feminine principle of Qahal) of Ecclesiastes…which suggests a personification of wisdom