disclosure: an expression of you on canvas leans against a wall, as if in meditation

As if in meditation....

by LJ Frank

Philosophically to give a material gift is the surface of a thought for both giver and receiver…… a quality of graciousness………the tangible is a thing you can see, touch and feel, perhaps, hold in your hands or even wear, on display to others or to a friend or a singular act of intimacy between two people without others knowing.

Still, the thought is most provocative when the gift becomes a work of an artist – contemplating his or her subject.

A material object may last for years but eventually becomes tarnished or tattered and like a memory buried deep so much so that it becomes missing or forgotten altogether or mistaken for something else……. the poetic is lost in time.

Though I am getting old, hearing, and sight stumbling by the wayside like other physical matter, voices remain within my memory………the sound of an utterance, the sweetness of lips, helping to recall a belief or the sigh in each other’s longing – the caress and smile…… for isn’t that what God truly is – the intangible, invisible instilled within……… to be self-honest of the past lives lived, with a wish for one more taste in our effort for unadorned self-disclosure.

To touch you with my mind accentuates the French kiss of memory, a voice – written or spoken, for words can last so much longer than the material object, understanding that material things serve as an expression of affection…….but there’s an attachment beyond the physical revealed in the sublimity of a caring thought, the mist within knows that the voice and touch are irreplaceable, when filled with the woven threads of tenderness.

I write and paint while able, a simple word or brushstroke is filled with complexity of thought and emotion………the brush stroke on the canvas of our presence overflows with texture for I painted an expression of you, but like the years. we have become passersby, while the portrait of you leans against a wall, a memory relived now and then.

Material things enter the images in our head, like a piece of jewelry we then place in a box, a voice that permeates the soul is one written in the heart and still, within the mind’s eye, an invisible force is the caretaker, as self-disclosure is evolution itself, and so I whisper with a written word and a paint brush……. the expression of you on canvas leans against a wall, as if in meditation.