Duality appears birthed from One: Is darkness needed for light?

by LJ Frank 


man robed as a monk sits on a mountainside

looking west over a Pacific inlet

his mind in meditation

with a wilderness at his feet

the artefacts of a previous life… dance

a past reincarnation simmering within

a breeze blows over the waters

a seagull sings her song

wisdom distinguishes good from evil…

restlessness lost in another’s words

past stumbles into the present

an existential theater of memory

the I and Thou of beingness

clarity hides in the excited moment –

actors arrive and exit   

flowers tossed on imagination’s stage

the Finis is an uncertain beginning,

and in the morning a rising mist

moves in quiet above the flora

yet consciousness’s path is feint

and conscience adrift in a haze

duality appears birthed from One

is darkness needed for light?