Musings: The Economics of a Person’s Age

Source. Pexels. Jordan Benton, Photographer

by LJ Frank

Very little about a person is revealed through age. The calculus is evolving.

While no one is equal within the DNA lottery, still, legislation, work and relationships are awash with labels.

Age itself tells nothing of the heart or the rumination of the mind, or the experiences that continue to touch the soul, nor the health and stamina of the brain, nor does it reveal the hopes, dreams and loves of the person nor how they process the events and people in their life amid the realities of existence.

Definitions of age are a mixture of perceptions, theories and actualities and utilized to categorize people for economic reasons though politics is not far behind; older people may or may not cost more than who and what? How much did and can a person contribute by their depth of thought, for the skin is a surface detail of genetics and epigenetics, the individual’s capability and knowledge is another matter.