by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

To live life so passionately, we know of the inevitable 

What is heaven?  Is it a place with a mindset?

I find myself in the wonder of a life ever after…….

A life I have lived, I call my own, this next life is unfamiliar to me

How long before I face that place, and see the sparkle

The joy, our Creator’s greatest gifts bestowed

How is it that the stars exist as if life should be as amazing as their light

a light that seems to never go out

The light I see is in the dark of night

The wind blows, the nightbird calls for me

What happens when we cease to exist in our bodies

Do I look for you, do we feel the same

The meaning of existence, in which we co-exist

The nature of space, we ask is space nature, does time exist

Do I continue to exist in some other life form

Or do I wander through the existence I knew before

Do I laugh, do I cry, or do I just love?

Because love is nature, beautiful and full of splendor

Like the smile of a newborn

Or the rays from the sunshine

Orgasmic when you touch me, warm 

My juices flow with yours

I can feel your body, I can still taste your salty flesh

I gave you a part of me, one that cannot be returned 

Is death a casting call, what part will you play 

Do I learn to play a different part?

 A part of this story when life began…….in Eden?