Rhythms: Ehecatl (wind serpent) by Signe Ruddy*


Ehecatl (wind serpent)

There it was in the morning,

fluttering frenetically

wings buzzing humming invisibly moving;

Alighting on a little silver cup tracing grandmothers name.

Dragonfly: translucent, iridescent and Mesmerizing.

Hovering about the reading chair ancient wind serpent came and stayed.

Vibrating initiations for a path to midlife renewal.


Weeks later

Too large to vacuum

a dusty ball displaying only one folded  flapping wing.


A wing only….


How had this esteemed visitor disappeared?

Had some “other” devoured its parts leaving only a wing?


Only one wing…..


Had waning women’s path

Set awry from undisclosed fear

brought succulent esculent dragonfly

to disclose their most  secretive passion?

A Certain Crunch heard remembered or an

Imagined taste and flavor?

With Savory Balanced Bitterness and Salty Sweetness:

Courage settling Into a center


Digesting thus begins: forecasting calibration for body electric

as gestation for life begun.

*Expressionistic artist, poet, mental heath professional & lavender farmer.