Embody your Soul Self using the Power of Sound

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor *

Make a difference…

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, the great shift from top-down control to more collaboration and connection with each other, it’s the time to courageously open as our Soul Selves and make a difference. Embody our individual power to influence what happens, rather than feeling overwhelmed.

This is a very exciting point in history to be alive even though the chaos suggests otherwise. Potentially time to break free from fear, old paradigms, and a sense of smallness after 1000’s years of subjugation by Patriarchy and the current corporate emphasis on profit not people! Profit not the planet! More people are evaluating what matters; an inner voice wants to change things. The Age of Aquarius signals the evolutionary shift to understand our Connection, our Interdependency and yet our Individuality.

A time to be in community and create a new world together.

However, our Souls have been veiled and constricted by societal and family conditioning, embedded in our subconscious programming, keeping us small and restricted. Time to transform these lower frequencies and courageously open the higher frequencies of our Soul Self. There is new understanding that we are Vibrational Beings affected by frequencies, hence the power of Sound to transform. Sound can return us to our soul frequency, our individual unique frequency that matters in the orchestra of Consciousness. Being our Soul Self does not mean trying to become a perfect human being. It’s to align with our true self, unaffected by conditioning; to lovingly accepting our humanness with flaws as well!  Let’s Express our unique Soul Self. ‘Let the change begin with the Soul me’.


Becoming our Soul Self

Quantum physics shows the Power of our vibes. Shows our connection with the quantum field; how where we place our attention manifests. A Shift to attention and intention on solutions not problems will bear fruit. We can be the change as we are transmitters. Let’s focus on Love and Respect for ourselves and others and our planet.

Love is the answer! Starts with each of us Loving ourselves and sending outwards.

May Love lead. May we love the flaws in ourselves and accept them in others. Send love ahead to all daily exchanges. May we vibrate as Love.

Use the power of Sound to transform ourselves.

Sound is vibration, creates and changes substance. Changes our Consciousness.

The Way it works

All religions hold the idea that sound is the creational force. In the beginning was the Word. At essence all form arises from sound vibration including our bodies. And now scientists agree. Science of Cymatics shows sound creating form; sound creates a spherical pulsation that even looks like the big bang at the outset until specific frequencies emerge! Experiments with sound resonating with sand on a drum, show unique patterns forming with different frequencies. At birth we have a unique soul frequency that resonates with other frequencies that support our expansion. However, when we experience suppression, we become contracted, isolated, and repressed, frustrated and sometimes Angry… We yearn to return to our unique frequency.

We seek Resonance with our soul frequency.

 We seek balance in our bodies and relate to sound—we even say, ‘we are in sound health.” Vibrations from negative subconscious thoughts and feelings create knots of tangled energy that affect our emotional reactions and physical body. If a part of our body is not vibrating at its healthy frequency there is dissonance, which leads to dis-ease, because there is a frequency we don’t resonate with or are afraid of. However, every experience of dissonance is our teacher, to help us release fear or disgust. The more we can discharge the better and become able to resonate with more and more frequencies in our world to be free flowing, healthy and at ease. Step outside judgment and shaming of others. If we stay in our bodies and feel the Fear/Disgust feelings, they will diminish in power, and we will be able to align with our pure soul frequency and its broader acceptance. Several instruments can bring us into our bodies, particularly drums and didgeridoo. Here’s a piece from Gary Thomas called ‘Breath’.

Sound There are two ways that sound affects us.

1.Psychoacoustics, Sound goes into our ear, into our brain, and affects our nervous system, our heart rate, our respiration, our brain waves. Right down to a cellular level. Leading scientist John Stewart Reid showed how red blood cell death slowed down 4:1 with music playing and produced more dopamine in the brain which stimulates the immune response. All music we resonate with works this way. Some music stops us in our tracks and mesmerises, calms, entrances, Uplifts. Relieves stress, rejuvenates our body, soothes the Soul. As crystalline beings we receive vibrations, and we resonate with the right frequency for each of us. For some choral music, classical music, even country, any music we enjoy smoothes out restrictions. We feel the right groove for each of us. Including sound baths from crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, flutes, drums, rain sticks, chimes, rattles and now music set to specific healing frequencies.

2.Vibro-acoustics. Sound directly on the body. Transmission devices like beds, tuning forks affect us on a cellular level, bringing us back into resonance. However, nothing is as available as the power of our own voice! Happens with singing and chanting, yet when we are very shut down its hard to use our voice at all. Even a scream can’t be released. Fortunately, there are some subtle ways to use our voice. Toning Is a very simple form of vibro-acoustics, we make simple sounds. Toning breaks up energy tangles to be free flowing especially if we use the transformative power of a mantra.  Mantras are very powerful sound healing tools, carrying the transforming energy held in the Sanskrit words. Mantras are encoded to coalesce into form if chanted regularly. A good easy practice is to chant OM daily, the primordial sound to connect us back to our Soul.

Toning OM.  Begin by getting comfortable, feet hip width apart, connect with the earth through your feet. Then breathe in from your crown, tone out OM to connect with the universe. Breathe in again into your heart and tone out OM, bringing the divine into your heart. Breathe in again to your naval and tone OM securing the divine in your body.

Humming. One of the most powerful and yet subtle sounds we can tone with is the Hum. It can be done quietly with little effort. “The original vibrating sound of creation was the humming of prana.” The power of the Hum is remarkable, experiments show an increase in Nitric oxide (NO) in our sinuses where viruses lurk and are cleared. Nitric oxide is antibacterial anti viral; regulates the immune system, scavenges free radicals in body and creates a relaxation response in cell walls that facilitates detoxification. Low levels trigger the stress response, low levels are thought to be behind many diseases. May be time to say No!

Here’s a Humming experience on YouTube

The Power of intention

Quantum Sound healing. Is when add intention to sound. We can Tone OM through our bodies with the intention of unravelling subconscious energy patterns presenting in our bodies as pain or discomfort. When we ‘tone with intention’ the tangled the energy tries to resonate with the tone we are making. Less powerful frequencies shift to vibrate with higher—like clocks do with one another.

Exercise: Ask your body which area needs attention and to select which pitch will release the knot. (Body moves forward with the right one.) Scan for pain or discomfort. Focus on that area and tone OM up the music scale, see which note resonates for you when your body moves forward. Repeat OM at that pitch until you feel some release of discomfort.

Intention Meditation. Is alchemical transformation. If we begin a meditation with an intention its power will be amplified. A daily practice is necessary to consolidate change in our bodies.

Meditation to feel your Soul Energy

* Hilary Bowring. Energy/Sound Healer; Meditation Teacher.

Born in England, lives in Canada. Available everywhere virtually! www.divinealign.com YouTube channel for many Meditations, Find Your Soul book on Amazon.