Escape to the Gulf of Mexico: We’re not on the same page or…?

Andromeda and Perseus, Richard F. Lack, Artist

by L J Frank

Did you hear what I said?

About what?

We’re not on the same page…or?


We need to reconsider the scripts we select.

No dress rehearsal.

Invent another option?

Hm. You know I was thinking about my rental car. It’s due back at the airport this afternoon.

Don’t worry about it. You’ll get there in time.

I’ve always admired your positive attitude.

Attitude is a matter of context, experience, and geography.

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and wondered how good I was at self-disclosure.

What were you talking to yourself about earlier?

I was reading an article about extraterrestrial life. You know I’m curious about the possibility of humans on another planet, particularly in the Andromeda galaxy.

Why Andromeda?

Enticing Greek myth…the beautiful daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia. Andromeda was chained to a rock, supposedly she was to be eaten by a sea monster called Cetus. A mythological hero called Perseus rescues her.  It’s a metaphor. Greeks loved metaphors. There’s the idea of being eaten or consumed by a greater power, either that or something more attune to cunnilingus, in my karmic Freudian view.

Karmic Freudian?  Good grief. You’re imaginative.

Well, I prefer the unsettling but seductive, erotic mystery. The darkness in space is powerful but the shower of a single light allows me to take another breath.

You’re amusing and peculiar.

Yeah, well, if there’s human life, I intuitively think it’s somewhere in Andromeda, waiting to reveal the spectacular to us earthlings.

Personally, I tend to like the feel of my bare feet squishing mud between my toes here on a sandy shoreline on Earth…and also, my earthly dilemma is the exorbitant increase in the condominium monthly fees not to mention the utility bills.

Well perhaps there are no utility bills or condominium fees on another hospitable planet. Maybe alien species with genes common to the universe have solved all these little details of living a full life with the minimum of legal and financial hassle.

Imagination serves you well.

My imagination helps me get out of bed every day.

If they are human with the same genetics, why would they be hassle free? It’s human nature to have hassles…unless?

Unless? I wonder what sex is like among humans on other planets.

Aah! The Freudian angle. Are you saying we might have it all wrong…hm…then again, maybe you’re right.

I know in my case…well, it’s been a long dry season without any rain.

Climate change?

Probably air and water pollution.

What would their libido be like?

Tantalizing question. The human cell is a cognitive agent.  If there are humans there…experiences and translation of those experiences may greatly differ. Humans tend to limit or measure the people they see, hear and experience within the confines of their own life.

I could use more cerebral and physical libidinous experiences…and I plan to cultivate my libido in the next few weeks.

Oh? Did you read the recent survey in the Post?

You mean about humanoids with changeable parts?

Well…think about it.

I did last night after taking a hot bath.

Why didn’t you let me….

In time? You’re my third cousin’s ex-husband that is passing through on his way to wherever…or so you think.

Don’t knock “wherever’…wherever has impacted a lot of lives…who knows?

You are indeed a curious man…I like that.

Thanks. Where is your husband?

Oh him.


He’s under water.


He’s a diver.

I didn’t know that…

Neither did I until a week after the wedding ceremony.

What’s he do underwater?

I don’t know or want to know…wait, I am getting a text message…hm.



Your husband?

No, my partner. He wants to meet me at the airport. I was hoping he wouldn’t renege. One never knows as you say…I’d have had to change things…for us.

For us? So, your partner and husband are two different people, correct?


Business partner?

You could say that…I need a ride to the airport. We can drop off the rental there.

Curious coincidence.

I’ll be gone for who knows how long. I was already packed and have my passport.

I’ll grab my bag …thanks for the brief hospitality.

You’re welcome. Sorry if I seem abrupt. I really am not, abrupt that is. That’s just a perception.

Not an issue.

I forgot to ask; Do you have an updated passport?

Yeah…I always carry it with me…just in case.

Smart. You may need it.


I’m leaving my husband. He can have the condo and the overhead and some of my personal stuff.

A divorce with a few frills.

Something like that. I need and want another “private style relationship.”

21st century marriage a la mode?

Yeah. Have been thinking about him for some time.

The partner you’re meeting at the airport.

No, my partner at the airport is separate from the man I’m referring to.

I’m confused.

We’re meeting my partner who happens to be a pilot. He has a small-long range private business jet. He can fly us.

Oh? My wherever is New Orleans? I’d appreciated it. Hope it’s not too far out of the way.

You’re funny.

Humor is important to me.

We climbed into my car and arrived at the airport within the hour. I returned my rental. We then walked towards a hangar. The jet was parked outside. We boarded and within 30 minutes we were airborne. An hour or so later we were, to my concern, flying south over the Gulf of Mexico.

I just noticed …my destination is the other way…on the North American continent.

Yeah, I know. We’ll probably arrive on the peninsula in no time at all. This jet moves.

A peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico? I thought we were going to stop off at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

 She grinned…I know that. We will afterwards.


You said it earlier…21st century marriage a la mode. I want you there.

Am I supposed to be a witness?

In a manner of speaking.

I looked at her sitting across from me. She crossed her long bare legs and smiled. She was wearing calve length strappy high heel sandals.

You mean like give away the bride?

It’s about you and me.

What? Wait…

I have given it a lot of thought. We can discuss how I arrived at that conclusion if you’d like…and after we share some intimacies there, we’ll fly to New Orleans in about three or four weeks to tidy up things. We were meant for each other. Here’s to us, she said as she poured two glasses of fine port wine.

What about my job?

I’ve taken care of that.

You took care of it?

Yeah. Adaptation. You’ll love my plan. I promise.

After finishing the glass of wine, she sat down next to me and said again, to us, leaned over and French kissed me. Her mouth was delicious. She smiled. Kissed me again and then stood up and walked to the cockpit and sat in the co-pilot’s seat. I recalled; she had an instrument rating for piloting small jets.

I glanced out the window at the sea below. We were skimming thirty feet or so above the waves as if to avoid detection. But why? Oh fuck, what did I do, what was I thinking…

My eyes started to close. The port wine made me sleepy. I heard her say “breathe” and felt her lips on mine…then her voice faded.

I then heard another voice say everything is on schedule and arranged. I felt my body being moved.

A noise intruded my semi-consciousness. I opened my eyes…I was staring at a ceiling. There was a tropical fragrance filling my nose. I was no longer on the plane. Where was I?

Jesus, it was all a dream I said to no one in particular as I moved my head up. I better get dressed and…

It was at that moment I felt a body next to mine and a hand on my chest and heard a woman whisper in my ear….no hurry Perseus, it wasn’t a dream. Today’s the day. Look at me and ask yourself…what do you see?