Eyesight, Blindness & the Existential Blur: wealth’s gospel, political technology & wisdom?

The desert - where one confronts life's harsh and wondrous reality... and either loses or finds one's soul.

by LJ Frank


Eyesight. I have glaucoma. Not all eye impairments are equal. Prospects are not good. Surgery helps but severe issues persist. Will I still be alive for eye-transplants or will stem cell research change the dynamic – all of which are expensive propositions in the very early stages of study and experimentation. Voluminous articles of false information are available on the Internet. Solutions are in the distant future. Factual information unfortunately has too many paywalls. So, I am faced with blindness before my death and a resulting existential blur. So be it.

Life has already taken on a blurring. My three separate eyedrop prescriptions continue to increase in cost…. by 100% from a year ago…. now averaging over $150 a month for the prescriptions, and that amount includes health insurance discounts and coupons. How much longer can I see or afford to see? How much did it actually cost to manufacture those 2.5 ml. bottles? If I had paid the regular prices, it would be well over $1000 a month according to the pharmaceutical manufactures. How much money is needed for research and development? How much money is needed for profit? Where does the customer’s ability to pay come into play? Why is health so readily an interweave with money and wealth? Should health be tied to a “right” and not a billfold or purse?

Born well over half a century ago I have witnessed the trend of wealth’s gospel, especially since the 1980’s concerning the monetizing of all aspects of life…. leaving narrow space for those with limited financial income, or those with finite physical, intellectual, mental resources to cope and or to survive. 

Wealth’s gospel is written and propagated by people of wealth. There is no conspiracy. It’s about money – from ancient civilizations that kept tabs on bills and receipts as witnessed on engravings on cuneiform stone to modern digital technologies including artificial intelligence. Over the centuries ethics was intermittently applied.

Over four decades ago trickle-down economics was a popular term. That is more money to the wealthy will trickle down to the common people. Yeah, right.  There was never such an economic event. It’s the arrogance of power that uses political propaganda and political technologies to influence and manipulate our thought processes.  As stated, that’s not a conspiracy.  It’s simply about money and wealth’s gospel for control.

“If not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, then put one there” is easier said than done. Equality only exists in the mind and espoused by those with leverage and resources and a bit of luck. But people are easily sold – work hard, work smart, etcetera…. seriously? We are affected by our genetics. How fluid is the boundary of our genes? Look at the state of the world. The evidence is not pervasive…. beatitudes aside. 

Truly, if there is a conscious energy or “life” after death what form will it ultimately take? Reincarnation or resurrection or as Shakespeare suggested – a dreamless sleep.  Sacred writings are the inspiration of the cathedral of the human brain and mind. Before man created the word God phrases like Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh in the Torah (Exodus 3:14) was used (perhaps). But for the sake of an accessible and approachable Creator, what were the earliest of inspirations in human evolution other than animistic beliefs? (A question I once posed to Professor Mircea Eliade at the University of Chicago).

I suggest that being alone and responsible on our primitive landscape was naturally existential.… existential is an ancient reality in modern clothing – my opinion…. as is the Silence of God, and the Faustian deals we make that might include good physical and mental health, and the ever-existential problem death offers with certainty…… all of which in modern society is associated with costly insurance policies.

Wealth’s gospel and the use of political technologies only feeds the bank accounts of those who preach that gospel. It’s like a drug prescription where a daily dose is given affecting the brain’s cells and brain waves. But….one cannot monetize human integrity, dignity, self-worth, spirituality, or existence. One cannot monetize the human conscience, consciousness, sub-conscious, and existence. If one does monetize those things then the question must be asked whether one is already in the process of dying/death…… and distant from the purpose of creation…. assuming, we have a sense there was a motivation and intent of the “Invisible” of which we make a leap of faith or wishful thought.

Physical blindness encourages philosophical, theological, and economic questioning as to avoid intellectual, emotional, and spiritual blindness.

Meanwhile, I care about the downstream effect of technologies and policies that exploit human existence.  No one asks to be born but once born civilized humans, in my opinion, have an obligation from day one and forward. There is no date or age that suggests you are on your own. That’s a human social invention transcending biology based on calculations – money and earning it without regard to other factors.

Get real……

Affirmation is not limited to the birth canal. And “pro-life” is about all of life not just birth…that’s from someone who has studied, lived, and worked around the world, witnessed life, suffering, brutality, famine, and death up close…. And as someone who is affected by Christianity (love thy neighbor), Judaism (theology of origins), Jainism (non-violence, truthfulness), Hinduism (reincarnation of beingness), and Zen Buddhism (mindfulness) complimented by inner city street experience and desert wanderings, where one can find or lose their soul.

And still the monetizing ingredient of political technologies (especially popular in Eastern Europe, Russia) – is an insidious industry of political manipulation of elections and mind persuasion, through propaganda and thought analytics. How clear are our thought processes? What do we think we know compared to what actually is?

The means of controlling thought is diverse and diversionary. There are no alternative truths in human experience and existence. And it’s the inspiration experienced and learned from our journeys coupled with our imagination that transcends mere eyesight and offers a vision of the moments ahead.