Find your Soul in your Heart, Wisdom Teachings and Heart Centered Meditations By Hilary Bowring

Review by LJ Frank

An atypical review: The physical universe is violent, breath-taking, and sublime. There is nothing calm or calming about it on the surface.

On a rocky planet in the Milky Way is journey of self (mind, heart, conscience, consciousness) is a complicate task. It takes focus, meditation, being open to reflection, and the ability of self-disclosure. That’s not an easy task or trek, or voyage, when doing it alone. And there’s some interesting if not intriguing stuff at work in the mind of this curious reader. That stuff I will get to.

As a colleague with experience in different countries, studies and work I found the work to be a very accessible and thoughtful read.  I have a deep appreciation for Ms. Bowring’s journey over the years. That journey is a tapestry of self-awareness and self-disclosure. She takes us on a voyage of the mind and heart. She opens doors exploring consciousness (etymologically it’s rooted in the idea of inner awareness and insight of the universe around us) and I would add a person’s spiritual conscience that transcends the definitional ethics traditionally related to conscience.

There have been innumerable books written on the subject but the author offers an interesting twist, perhaps instinctually known given her spiritual searching…. Or as a psychologist, (Sydney Jourard) wrote, becoming transparent with our individual self.

This reflective work is deeper than a self-help meditative guide. But first, the soul? Etymologically, soul ultimately rooted in ancient human’s words signifying the blood and water within us – life itself. Vaporous watery mist came later, like Ruah or spirit.

The author takes readers on her journey towards transparency to us individually and each other…… causing a collective beingness, from my angle.

The intrigue? Jean-Paul Sartre, the existentialist, observed that existence preceded essence. Yet…… in recent years and months scientific discoveries in cell development indicate that each individual human cell has both the attributes of consciousness and conscience, and the ability to discern between extremes (good and evil), and even further recent scientific studies suggest that consciousness, (mathematical experiments and studies) preceded our human existence and is pervasive throughout the universe. Was that consciousness fully within matter. It’s not spiritual. It’s physics. Can physics have a philosophical and spiritual quality? Certainly, within the human heart there exists a poetic and meditative essence found in the primordial sound of OM….and therefore initial sound of an explosive universe. Does OM have a consciousness that was birthed in stardust? Consciousness is bothersome and utterly fascinating.  And that’s also an open door to meditation.

And as we learn more about the universe there is a holistic quality – to all that is around us, (an almost paleolithic consciousness can I suggest?) and to access that collective quality, by necessity, we need to be open to who and what we are and that towards which we are evolving, and not stationary. Movement in mind and body is part of our essence. Meditation is one form of movement and a path to achieving a transparency to our beingness.

In summary, whether you agree with the author’s reflections or not or my peregrinations, one comes away from her work more curious…… curious to explore …. And that exploration is centered in the heart. In my case, perhaps the Third Eye.

This work is insightful. The joy and inspiration in the author’s writing voice is evident. Recommended for those seeking avenues of meditation and wishing to reflect on the nature of consciousness, conscience and our soul.

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 Meditation for Soul Connection