Flash Fiction: A Hard Rain in a Summer of Blind Heat!

by LJ Frank

The soft voice asked, “Why don’t we begin at the beginning?”

“It was hot outside – 97 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity was 100%. The heavens seemed to open up. It was a hard rain outside. The words of the minister echoed in my head at the wedding reception for some odd reason.”

“I see,” the voice said. I  could feel the delicate, slender fingers on my forehead and then touching my cheeks. The voice asked, “can you be more specific?”

“The words were ‘the essence of life is ambiguity’….and my mind replayed the words while riding in the limousine returning home from the reception…I was dropped off in the midst of a downpour. I remember once I was inside my place hearing the echo of the raindrops beat down on the tin roof and then a short time later I heard the front door open. There’s a peculiar creaking to the front door as if its possessed, regardless in how many times I oil it…someone had entered my place.”

“Were you afraid?”

“What is fear? Fear is part of my life to the point that’s it has slight meaning.”

“Do you remember what occurred?”

“How can I forget? The person walked into the middle of the room. I could smell their fragrance. They shed their raincoat and revealed they were only wearing ankle strapped heels and said they were the best of all possible worlds for me.”

“What did you think that meant?”

“To be honest, I didn’t know.”

“What happened next?”

“They approached me and then gently kissed my lips, their breasts brushed up against me and I could feel their nipples harden as my lips kissed them. I couldn’t stop kissing their moist skin as the wetness poured from both our bodies.”

“You knew the person?”

“No. But I couldn’t stop. Why? I’m uncertain. I kissed their belly button and kneeled to kiss their hips and their feet and then back up to lightly sucked their inner thighs.”


“I told them that I wanted to taste all they had to offer.”

“Did it satisfy you?”

“I wanted more and it seemed my eyes were closed most of the time.”

“Why do you say your eyes were closed?”

“It’s a metaphor.”

“A metaphor?”

“I’m legally blind. I could only see an outline of the person before me, yet my inner vision allowed me to see them perfectly clear.”

“Have you had episodes before in which you could see so clearly.”

“It comes and goes.”

“The vision comes and goes?”


“Do you have any idea of who you were with?”

“No. They departed as quickly as they entered my life. But they said to wait for them someday and they would appear again.”

“When do you expect them?”


“So you recognize my voice?”