Flash Fiction: Actors in Search of Redemption?

by LJ Frank

 Truth is a sibling of authenticity, justice thrives best in the light and an individual’s quest for liberty can become a passage to redemption.    

 “Entertainment comes with a price.” My friend said.

“Yeah, like players on a large rectangular grass covered field waving their hands to get the crowd of people in the stands excited about their game.” I replied.

My friend nodded. “I had hoped I’d know at 25 years of age what I would come to learn at 50 years of age. The effect of my aging was supposed to add clarity to my original suppositions. The problem begins when you are no longer aware of your shortcomings. Things can get complicated.”

“What else have you uncovered?” I asked.

“When you have insufficient resources to effectuate change in your personal environment…well…then you internalize. You take it out on yourself. Depression. Angst. Fear, And, then you shout to the wind and roll your eyes when the truth is not in your favor. You have to meditate.”

“Does the discolored swamp of existence become purposefully opaque? Trust no one?” I queried.

“Perhaps. Doesn’t the theater of life come with an understanding – to self-empower also means to contort the action into an aphrodisiacal potion? And, foreplay being an essential ingredient in the process, is it not?”

“So…the players and the audience are rolled into one?”

 “I think so.”

“So now we find ourselves devising a translation of our situation hoping we don’t get lost in that very translation.”

“Are you ready?” My friend asked

“Yeah. The show begins in thirty-minutes.”  I stated.

“Have you made all the arrangements?”

“I have a high-speed German sedan, quattro, waiting on the other side…once we get through.” I said.

Taking a deep breath my friend replied. “Then we’re good to go?”

“The clock is ticking.”

“One more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you think any of her colleagues, family or siblings know of the day’s activities?”

“What a time to ask.”


“Her husband, a colleague and body guards are at a golf course hundreds of kilometers away. And the family and siblings are all doing their thing.”

“I know I’ve asked you before, but do you really trust her?”

“I trust her to look out for her own welfare. She’s worldly, disciplined and focused. And, she’s an excellent driver, knows the terrain and all the shortcuts. I think she’ll enjoy the liberty, why else would she agree. Although she also said something intriguing.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, you know she’s fluent in several languages.”

“Yeah, to our benefit I would think.”

“That’s the curious part.” 

“What exactly did she say?”

She looked at me with a partial smile and quietly stated, “We don’t really need to know any language where we’re headed, but I’m also fluent in that case.”