Flash Fiction: Drive! To where? Just keep driving!

by LJ Frank

“It was none of my business. I’m patient…not a patient…except…”

“They don’t know you’re gone?”

“No. You know there’s no place called in-between.”


“No middle class. No in between the lines. Class is economic fiction based on materialism. There’s only the monied interests in the materialistic world and the rest of us.”

“To do whose bidding?”

“Exactly. Eventually, there’ll be fewer of us. Artificial intelligence will replace us. Look at my previous marriage. My ex-wife was part AI.”

“Artificial genes?”

“Marriages within the wealthy class are genetically determined. The remainder of the population is guided by Manipulators, Inc. All a pile of manure with methane gas polluting the air along with all the carcinogenic fumes of other technologies.”

“You sound so positive.”

“Fuck! Why did I get married?

“Did you have a choice? Rules to control the less privileged? At least we can say fuck the culture of the literary…grammar, genre and all that other academic slanted bullshit that is so 20th century!”

“I like to write my own rules and be my own prophet. What do I have to lose? I’m never going to be riding in a jazzed-up sports utility vehicle or sleek, pseudo-working pick-up truck serving the corporate affected political will of people while fucking a neighbor’s spouse.”

“The Ninth Commandment was of Hittite origin I suspect. A rabbi told me it read in its original form – thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife in thy neighbor’s house.”

“Makes a difference.”

“We’re dealing with obsolete paradigms.”

“Marriage is one of them.”

“Unless you’re going to have children than the child needs more than two parents.”

“Even AI’s need a digital community.”


“Who isn’t fucking whom?”

“I say just go ahead and fuck. The only consent you need is from the person you wish to have carnal relations with and a clear understanding of how you both define carnal.”

“It’s the goddamn intent of the rulers.”

“Keep the humans physically and spiritually sedated and the AI’s software filtered.”

“To pass along selfish motives and intent amid the endless viruses? Shit!”

“The Age of Aquarius’ tapestry is revealing.”

“It’s just different than anticipated.”

“Which reminds me. The border crossing is a about a mile, more or less, ahead. Passport?”

“Of course. It’s the first thing I put in my pocket every morning waiting for the right time.”

Pulling up to the border crossing an official looking individual waved and came over to my window.

“Good afternoon sir. I noticed you were talking in a rather animated fashion.” The officer said through a mask while looking over at the passenger side.

“Oh, yeah.”

“Cellular or mobile phone?”

“No. It needs charging. I like to talk to myself. I’m an actor and a philosopher. Here on business. Doesn’t pay much…but still like to practice, just in case the big role is recognizable.”