Flash Fiction: Escape to Love – Paris, Marseille & The Hague?

Source: Paris Apt.

by LJ Frank

Sometime in the morning 

“Mistress, your black leather high heel boots, blue jeans & off the shoulder sweater are located next to your bed along with your suitcase. My state of the art junk car is available for your disposal; the doors are unlocked,  full tank of gas, keys in the visor and is parked outside. It’ll get you to the rendezvous point. Text me if you need further assistance. I’ll secure things here before I depart. I’ll miss you,” Andre said.

Thank you Andre. I hope there are not too many surprises. Please know you will be rewarded for all that you’ve endured. My husband isn’t scheduled to return to our haunted apartment for another four hours. I’ll be leaving in a few minutes. Should be in Marseille in less than four hours. “

“Safe Journey!”

I don’t know how I could have made it this far without such a wonderful butler, cook, handyman and confidant all in one person.” 

An hour later

A text from the Mistress. “You drive a fascinating automobile. Hope you don’t mind, as your employer, mistress and attorney I served as your proxy when I saw the vehicle title in the glove box. I offered it to my friend and colleague, Jacque, who restores old cars as a hobby and lives near the train station. You”ll receive a call any minute for directions. In place of your transportation I gift to you a sports car. I advise you to flee the city. There will be an envelope in the passenger’s seat addressed to you. The money and car is for all that you have experienced as my intimate. Take a taxi to the train station. Hurry. My self-assured husband just texted me a minute ago. He’s returning earlier than scheduled.” 

Andre pondered the circumstances, took a quick tour of the place and Just as he locked the front door and got into a waiting taxi the husband arrived; exiting his vehicle the husband climbed the steps to open the door to an empty dwelling. 

Another hour later

Andre arrived at Jacque’s place and found himself the new owner of a sports car. All he had to do was sign a few papers to complete the transaction.

Source: Renault Alpine, Paris

Sitting in the sports car he saw a note attached to a letter size envelope laying on the passenger seat with severance money enclosed. The note read: “Forgive me Andre and perhaps you have already guessed, Cathy and I will be on the train together. I fell in love with her the moment I met her.”

As he started the car, he shook his head then slammed on the brakes. “Cathy?”  His exclamation was followed by another text.

“I’m so sorry dear but I thought you would have guessed by now. Please take care of yourself. There’s keys in the envelope to an apartment in The Hague, the address is enclosed. It’s yours now. Mistress and I had used it a few times as our special retreat. Much love,” Catherine.