Flash Fiction: Eye See and the Coalition of Believers

Source: Eye Printing Graphic

by LJ Frank

Breaking News– The US Supreme Court in a “non-partisan” ruling has affirmed a congressional concern that all humans born in America, except the Coalition of Believers (Corporate & Political Founders), receive a digital credit card with financial advisory clinics (Eye See) in each state being set up where access to one’s digital credit is through eye prints. The eye prints are records of our brain waves from birth to death. All paper money and metal coins are no longer usable except among the Coalition Founders who may reasonably accumulate their peculiar form of wealth.

Citizen: (Visiting his Monetary Ophthalmologist), “What do I have in my account, credit wise?”

Monetary Ophthalmologist: “Well let’s check one of your eyes to get an accurate measurement. Please sit behind this machine so we can check the physical nuances and can better assess the amount in your LCA or Life Credit Account.”

“Thank you.”

“As I measure your eye you probably know, but I’m required to review with you…that all citizens now receive a digital eye credit to draw upon to be used throughout your life. It’s now called ‘Eye See’ as suggested by one of Founders.  Needless to say, the human eye is a camera lens and serves as an ‘eye print’ of the human brain and your brain waves are digitally stored in a corporate administered central data base.”

Citizen: “This doesn’t apply to Coalition Founders? Eye prints stored?”

“No they’re exempt. But, you personally receive digital credits based on your accomplishments relative to your physical and mental resources and the environment in which you exist.”

“Thanks. Much appreciated. I wanted to know more about my accomplishments in relation to any credits I might have or will receive?”

“Hm. Well for example, education, family, care giving and work attained within your range of ability plus any volunteer work and so forth. It all adds up.”

“How much credit does a monk receive? I mean is there an average?”

“I regret to say this…but ‘monkery’ and ‘communal activity’ no longer exists in the eyes of the law under a different but recent action of Congress, a subsequent corporate lawsuit and also affirmed by a US Supreme Court decision.”

“I noticed the action which you refer started out in the varied legislatures, suggested that the soul is too ill-defined to be measured accurately. I guess the soul is too abstract or immaterial?”

“Depends on your philosophy and theology but the US Congress and the US Supreme Court figured it was too complicated to grapple with…particularly, in monetary and legal terms.”

“Religions appear to make a substantial amount of money on the immaterial and the invisible.”


“I suppose a leap of faith in anything has its own forms of reward. But, the Coalition Founders are exempt?”

“You understand…politics, geographical concerns…problem of applicability.”


“Well…it’s complicated.”

“Ah. And so where am I…credit wise?”

“It honestly looks relatively good?”

“And relatively good means?”

“It means depending on how long you wanted to live. What is your life plan?”