Flash Fiction: Freudian Intent

Source. Pexels. Pixabay

by LJ Frank

It could have been either a Saturday or Sunday. I’m not sure. Either way, it was cloudy outside. I was listening to a Bach violin concerto, pacing the living room of my apartment, deep in thought. How did it all pass so quickly? Where was I? And now I found myself confronted by a person who claimed to be my neighbor. The person seemed to appear from thin air. The apparition had feminine contours.

I’m not an apparition. Nor am I a mind reader. The door was open.

What do you want?

May I ask, what is your intent, doctor?

Intent? Is that what you asked?


What do you mean, intent?

 I’m talking about an attitude. Something we infer from a person’s actions until we can prove it and may even uncover a motive within or from that intent.

Good grief. You have quite the imagination. And so, what are you really asking?

Is there a naked person in your hall closet?

A naked person in my hall closet? You jest.

Don’t quibble with me. I saw someone naked, scurry into your apartment. And just noticed the door to your hall closet is ajar. Strange, wouldn’t you say?

I didn’t see anyone naked or otherwise, enter my hall closet. I should think I’d have noticed if a naked person “scurried” into my apartment and walked into my hall closet.

Oh please, I suspect you’re about to prove my point.

Prove what point?

First why should you notice? I mean, you’re legally blind for one thing. Second, I thought we were pre-engaged…the champagne and flowers? What was that all about?

Pre-engaged, champagne and flowers? Oh that…I should mention, I can still see outlines of figures and hear, smell and taste. Still, on the other hand.

Hmm. On the other hand, what?  She ask with hand on the flesh of her hip.

I had an odd dream last night that a naked person moved into my apartment and is now living in my large bedroom closet.

How interesting. Then I guess I should also tell you something doctor.

Tell me what?

I’m naked! And I scurried into your apartment and am now standing before you.


But what?

Then who is the naked person in my bedroom closet at this moment?

Good thing I brought a bottle of wine with me.