Flash Fiction:  Situational Maintenance?

Runes. Divination.

by LJ Frank

Did you sign it?

Not yet. Still reading the hieroglyphic like inscriptions.

It’s standard.

Nothing is standard until one affixes their name to it. Then it becomes standardized.

I thought you wanted it.

You’re quite seductive. And I do…but…

But what? Should we have gotten a…?

No. What good would that have been?

Have you ever tried Rune (stone) casting to determine your future?

Amusing. Look what we we’re trying to create for both of our “fetish” pleasures.

You were…and I was in return…well, becoming what we desired…

Is it reality?

Reality? You were never accusatory…before this.

I didn’t know…before this.

May I ask?


How long were you involved with…you know?

An hour can be a lifetime.

That sounds rather situationally limited.

What in life is not situational, limited or not?

I guess that’s the characteristic of today’s ties.

Part of life’s colorful pageantry…

Let’s not go there. You knew from the first moment you turned it on…and pressed the keys.

I guess next time…

Just press a few keys…and I will…

Become or not…?

Situational maintenance?