Flash Fiction: Spiritual Genetics?

Source: Pexels.

by LJ Frank

We were walking across grassy hillside speckled with flowers and a view of snow-capped mountains in the distance. We stopped and sat down to take in the scene. 

Kishar looked over at me. She touched my arm and smiled ~ all living things are interrelated. (1)

I nodded. Are you telepathing me right now? 

Would that bother you if I could read your thoughts?

I think it was that science fiction guy, William Gibson who observed ~ The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.

Hmm. I can understand your uneasiness. 

You’re not wearing those specialized contact lenses where you see a read out of my thoughts in the space in front or above my head. I mean out here in the natural world I thought we agreed to abandon our technologies for one day.

Not to worry. I’m not wearing contact lens or high-tech bracelets, rings, earrings or have special tattoos or implants or carrying an intelligent phone. 

You do have an earthy quality.

So, I’ve been told. I asked you to join me here for a reason.

What’s that?

I am here…let’s say, from your perceived ancient past to help you understand who and what you are.

What do you mean?

To connect between the perception of the virtual and the perception of the real. Have you ever wondered about how you came into being and more precisely – your spiritual genetics?

Spiritual genetics?

Kishar nodded. 


I want you to breathe deeply. Relax. Please remove your clothes, lie down and close your eyes. Breathe in the fragrances around us. You will feel a slight breeze touch and embrace your skin as if entering your body, mind and heart. I’ll do the rest.

  1. Kishar: Sumerian Earth Goddess. Kishar means whole earth.