Flash Fiction: Textures…

by LJ Frank

I suggested to my assistant to expect Ms. Hue within the hour. My former patient arrived fashionably late.

We sat on two separate leather club chairs across from each other with a coffee table in between and two cups of latte from the coffee shop in the same building.

I observed Ms. Hue possessed a serene demeanor. Her eyes were a deep-brown black accented by natural long eye lashes. Her smile was engaging.  She wore a short black sleeveless dress exposing a tattoo of an ankh on her leg when she crossed them.

“Good morning doctor. The tattoo was a gift to myself after my last visit with you and our conversation over a month ago.”

“Good morning. The tattoo is an ancient Egyptian symbol.”

“Male and female. Life. So many meanings.”

“So how was your luncheon date today?”

“Mexican. Red sauce on the beans wrapped under the soft flour shell. It burned my tongue. I washed it down with a Margarita.”

I smiled and nodded. She knew she wanted a second and third opinion.

“Oh, I’m sorry for being late.”

“You’re no longer a patient and I don’t charge for being late, Ms. Hue.”

“Where do you want me to begin?” She asked.

“At the beginning would probably be good.” I said,

“You mean when did my recent transformation all start for me?”


“I guess it began during the moments I decided to reassess my attitude and the direction I was headed in. I needed a new lease on life…. I can’t pinpoint the actual day. Little things here and there started to add up. And my sessions with you affirmed my inclinations.”

“And what have you learned so far?”

“I can breathe better. I have been told that I’ve got an unusual philanthropic spirit.”


“And I treated myself to a small dinner last night with a friend and today’s delightful quick late lunch with another friend.”


“Last night and today? Yeah…really was…thank you very much for asking.”

“So you’re in a better place now?”

“I think so. Definitely. It was a  matter of looking at the available options and how I would translate my desires and concerns into opportunities.”

“You’ve begun to feel the transformation internally and externally?”

“Absolutely. I wanted to make sure. You know, the juggling of my schedule and making the best of the circumstances in which I found myself.”

“Sounds positive.”

“I’m now looking forward to what the future will offer.”

“You sound like youre ready.”

“Thank you Doctor. Communication has many shapes. You’ve been so very helpful.”

“My pleasure, or should I say your pleasure is mine. So now what?”

“Well sir, I thought we, you and I, could exchange our vows to each other on the beach next month with just a few other couples in attendance. What do you think?”