Flash Fiction:  The evolving “human will” gene?

A Version of an Abstract. Anon.

by LJ Frank

Santa Barbara, California. Today. The sun rose over the mountains, its rays appeared to poetically glide down the slopes to the beach and move across the waters. Oil rigs were visible in the distance under the bluish hues of the sky and the peaceful surface of the Pacific Ocean, while below was a struggle to exist among the life forms.

In a dwelling on the slope of the Santa Barbara MountainsBeethoven’s Silence by Ernesto Cortazar was gently playing in the background as she walked across the Italian marble floor to look out over the wave like formation of stones in a Zen-garden and a modest waterfall that served to divide her condominium terrace with the neighbor.

She heard me clear my throat and turned towards my direction.

“What are you thinking?” I asked.

“I’m not sure what my thoughts are at this moment…just taking in the scenery.”

I nodded. “Some days I look over the ocean and contemplate how my body evolved and our need for the fluids that define us.”

“Reflection is the essence of an interesting life. May I ask in return…what are your thoughts?

“It’s odd. I was thinking about the ancient Greeks, and the human will. I suspect such reflection dates back much further if my understanding of Tibetan culture among others is accurate.”

“What would happen if you or I rejected the philosophical concept of the will? I’m not entirely sure any of it matters at this point…considering…”

“Considering? You mean…”


“Well, you are a genetic liability attorney…”

“So? It’s all conceptually and legally flawed. Manipulation is an endless malleable and shifting form.  To say our work and ultimately our existence are  at will, as if existence was determined by another’s will, inevitably leads to a volatile outcome, especially with what you and I know.”

“Is it a little late for this conversation?”

“Is it too late?”

“I would think so.”

“You’re my partner…that is…I mean what is a man or woman…can our will and being evolve and be metaphysically and physically interchangeable…forget about all the other social media influential nonsense?”

“Three months now. Think about the intellectual, physical and emotional relationship we have developed and enjoyed.”

“Precisely. I didn’t know when we met that you were…you know the nuances…I guess…”

“I’m sorry. I was told you were aware of all those, as you say, nuances…hope I haven’t disappointed you.”

“You haven’t disappointed me. You’re charismatic, attractive and bright.”

“Wasn’t that the point of why we met through your colleague at the Institute?”

“Exactly. You’ve been everything that I’ve desired. Details can be disarming.”

“I know. But you’ve noticed I don’t even need to be vitalized as that is continually birthed in my genes…simply by me just standing in front of a light source. Isn’t that in essence the nature of humanity not to mention the odd, emerging sensation within – of doubt?”