Flash Fiction: The Existential Lobbyist & the Death of a Congressman on the Right

Source. Pexels. Brett Sayles, Photographer

by LJ Frank 

The two of them met in the Congressman’s office in the late afternoon. They stood several feet away from each other. Both seemed relaxed suggesting that an agreement had been reached or was close at hand.

“Seldom does anything happen without a cause or downstream effect.” The lobbyist eye’s pierced those of the Congressman.  

“Opportunity, greed, fear, gaining more power. Come on. Isn’t it natural within the framework of the political economics of existence?”

“And recognition? And the masses will get caught up in the excitement.” 

“Why not? The person wanting a savior can be convinced of anything. They won’t know it’s propaganda. I like to think of it as patriotism adorned with the ornaments of sentiment and freedom. Flag waving is highly symbolic.”

“Patriotism is a provocative word. That’s how pawns are created. When will the troops of the shock doctrine arrive on stage?”

“Seriously? Let’s never underestimate the passions of belief and intuitive signs”

“All part of life’s rich pageantry?”

“And, the idea is to go on the offensive to deter any resistance.”

“Intimidation and fear?”

“What political strategies doesn’t utilize both with heavy doses of manipulative jargon and money applied in the right places.”

“So where does that leave us?”

“You mean who really wins in the end?’              

“What are you ultimately saying?’

‘Winners only reconcile and adapt by winning.”

“Divide and conquer? Make them true believers?” 

“I guess I don’t see any way around it.”

“I also serve…”

There was a pause.

Shots cracked the silence. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. 

The Congressman’s assistant walked into the office. The Congressman was lying on the floor on his back with small pool of blood next to his body. His head was turned toward a mirror on the wall, his eyes open. He appeared to be looking at his reflection as if in contemplation. The lobbyist’s body was lying next to him with eyes also looking into the same mirror.