Flash Fiction: Transition. “Veracruz & the Witch from Catemaco”

Transitions- Thomas C. Fedro, Artist

by LJ Frank

The truth of the matter? It all started with a confidential business trip to Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave, Mexico. Since then everything in my life has been one of transition.

The day I arrived in the city on the Gulf of Mexico was steamy. I was here on a private business matter waiting to speak to a witch from Catemaco, the witchcraft capital of Mexico.  She agreed to meet me here as she had family in the city. So, I sat in a hotel bar waiting. The air conditioning was broken. Luckily, the ceiling fans were working. Everyone was social distancing and sweating.

I leaned over adjusting my glasses trying to read the small print on the label of an unusual bottle of Tequila that I ordered. The label read, to drink in moderation. The side effects may include but not limited to dizziness, potential blindness and death. I pondered how something could not be limited by death. It sounded rather mystical. It was then I felt a hand on my arm and looked up.

She stepped back and said, “I’m Camila, from Catemaco. We connected online and spoke at some length and, as you are, I suspect, the man seeking that which you have yet to find.”

I nodded. “Indeed. And you are a woman with a remarkable reputation.”

“Thank you. Shall we sit at that small table?” She said, looking at a table near an exit.

I nodded and began to pick up the bottle of Tequila, but she stopped me. “You will want a clear mind to comprehend what I am about to tell you and you must tell no one afterwards.”

“Okay.” I then walked with her to the table.

We sat down and she asked me, “Are you familiar with a story about a man from your birthplace who met a woman in Mexico many years ago and because of circumstances they went their separate journey’s and departed unfulfilled?”


“Hm. Interesting. I want you to close your eyes while I continue speaking. And the next time you open them, you will begin a transition.”

I listened intently. I found myself thinking I had been here before. Camila’s voice possessed a charisma. At one juncture I found myself taking a deep breath. I squinted looking up at ceiling fan.  It looked different. I heard Camila’s voice in the background. I blinked and opened my eyes wider.

It was then I found myself naked lying on a single bed inside a small shack. Shaking my head to wake up as if from a dream I got up and walked outside. Waves crashed on the sandy shore of a deserted beach. I heard Camila’s voice call my name. I looked around. No one.  

I walked back inside. A sheet of paper mysteriously lay on the bed with the following words written on it, “Tu transición ha comenzado.