Flash Fiction: Virtual Intimacy!


by LJ Frank

Eva was living near Adelaide, South Australia. Her home was a contemporary, white, blockish looking structure with a spacious living room and office enhanced with a panoramic scenic view. The scene was the Gulf St. Vincent, an inlet of the Indian Ocean.

She gazed at the 27-inch thin computer monitor and smiled at me. We described our intimacy  at first as “Voyeuraging” across the blue-green depths of the Pacific Ocean with the vision of coalescing with a confidant. A virtual lifestyle was the least expensive option for both of us.

Glancing around my undistinguished abode I realized what mattered was how intimate Eva and I had become over the past few months that transcended a physical place. I was living on a mountain side.  A native of the area described it as – God only knows where we are.

Does physical place matter in the 21st century? That is, as long as our computers and digital signals are operational and we are connected. My lifestyle partner and I made the virtual voyage for the sake of intimacy with a person who understood our mutual emotional wants, physical lusts and soul filling needs the best.  

We sat looking at each other through the screen, grinning and engaging in our experimental foreplay in words and acts enhancing our virtual intimacy and without having to wear our pandemic masks so we could see each other’s mouths while sipping from our respective glasses of wine. She chose a cabernet from California and I chose a shiraz produced in South Australia. We were naked to each other. We knew we were exposed to corporate, government and independent hackers who had little else to do with their lives for the sake of their eyes and noses. Emotional and financial profit are woven and self-motivating. It didn’t matter. Eva and I were both philosophical and intellectual whores.  

“Are you ready?” Eva queried.

“Are you referring to the new multi-dimensional software?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Eva exclaimed.

“Should we be concerned?”

“About what?”

“Well, is there such a thing as the digital transmission of anything undesirable?” I asked.

“Can digital transmissions be contagious? I mean can a digital signal transmit anything that could be considered infectious?” Eva questioned.

“I suppose we could put on our latex gloves and other items.”

“Kinky! I’d rather take the risk without them.” She then whispered in her soft, husky voice, “Let’s plug in the new software.”

“Plug-ins updated!” We both said simultaneously.

“Let’s see how this works.” I said with a bit of sexual angst.

“Okay. That’s good…hmm!” She sighed.

“Very interesting!”

“Would you mind if I…?

“Not at all!” I said.”

“I didn’t know you could do THAT digitally?” Eva breathed, “Do things look larger on a screen?”

“Should I get the latex?”

“Fuck the latex. Don’t stop! Did you hear that sound and feel that? Mmm!”

“What was it?”

“Sounded like…”

“Oh dear! Oh my god!”

Heavy breathing. “Please!”


“Oh my. Now back to the other position.”

“How’s that?”

 “Yeah. Good. A little to the left.”

“Would you like me to…?”

“What are you thinking…?”

“Anything you’d like?”

“Oh really?”

“Perhaps we could…?

“Jesus! What was that feeling? It feels so real!”

“Have you ever read the ….”

“Do you want to get spiritual?”

“If this isn’t an uplifting experience I don’t know what is?”

“What are you going to do with…?”

“Would you like me to pour some wine on…?”

“After the seven blessings.”

“Rabbi, you have a lascivious mind.”

“Do you believe in a virtual marriage?”

“What do you think?”