Flash Fiction: We have all the time…

A Mad Affair Painting . Artist. Glenda Savard

by LJ Frank


The Coffeeshop.  

“You called. I got here as soon as I could.”

“Thank you, especially with all that’s happening around us.”

“You’ve got to know…you’re always just a thought away.”

“Oh God. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“I’m licensed to listen.” She grinned.

“I didn’t know listening required a license?”

“In my case it helps.”

“Let me ask…if you could live any place where would you live?”

“Almost any place but here. And I am here because…well, you must know.”

“I’m stuck…limited resources and…”

“Stop. Have you thought of…our last conversation, between the kisses?”

“Yeah, I have thought of that…but we hardly know each other…”

“Please. Where are you at now…in your mind?”

I shook my head. “I’m filled with uncertainty.”

After a pause she offered, “Let’s say there’ll be a black Porsche coupe in front of this coffee shop at nine tomorrow morning.”

“You’re serious.”


“Who’s is it?”

“Does it matter?”


“It was my first husband’s…short marriage. He drowned.”


“Wine vat.”

My eyebrows rose. “Your first husband? You mean…”


“May I ask?”


“Who’s your current husband?”

“Good question. He comes and goes all hours of the day and night. Let’s just say I have a ready supply of…” she cleared her throat…

“Of what?”

“I need to let you know…”

“About what?”

“I’m going with you…”


“And, I’ll bring the Lord’s Supper…”


“Bread and wine.”

“Your husband’s a minister?”


“But then?”

“I’m ordained.”

“Why didn’t I know this?”

“I’ll leave a note with my assistant to say I accepted another calling and offer my apologies for the quick departure. And that my services were needed elsewhere…immediately.”


“My position is at the will of the congregational board. No guarantees in the life of a minister. Especially when the people get tired of your voice and repetition about love thy neighbor.” She winked.  “And I have resources.”

“I’m speechless.”

“Pack light.”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah! Get us a couple coffee lattes with a shot of mocha for the road.”

“I will. I’ll be waiting.”

“We’ll have all the time…”

“In the world?”