Flash Fiction: What did I miss?

Source: Bruno Maceiras. Photographer. Pexels.

by LJ Frank

Where does one begin except at the beginning?

I suppose I could begin in the middle. The story might be more riveting and intellectually stimulating. On the other hand it might be more intriguing if I begin with the ending, that is, the telephone call that I received at 2 am on a Wednesday morning following an enigmatic weekend occurrence. I would explain the incident, except I am still trying to interpret it myself.  

We saw each other from across the hotel lobby as I was exiting a meeting. She smiled and winked. She looked familiar. Where and when? She then walked to the entrance and departed. I followed her and walked outside. It was raining. She had vanished.

The following Monday and Tuesday seemed rather normal. A few glitches here and there. Otherwise, the days were routine. Perhaps there was something I overlooked. There were a number of details that flew by me in which I could have paid more attention.

I’m bewildered. Why…not just accept it?

The brief event is the only thing I can think of that might have elicited the call. Then again it could have been something else all-together. 

Still, after much consideration it might be best to begin with the ending.


Wednesday morning. A sonar sound echoed in the room with a light flashing on the ceiling from my mobile phone laying on the small table next to the bed.

I reached for the phone. “Hello?”

No answer.


Finally, a husky, sensuous feminine voice replied. “Oh…You are good!”

“What? Who is this?”

“Click.” The person on the other end of the line hung up.