Flash Fiction: You can have the Earth…I want the Milky Way

Credit: Violin and Palette, Georges Braque, Artist

by LJ Frank

A screened in porch was connected to my office. It retained an eclectic ambience. A mechanical clock with its inner workings on display hung on a wall. My laptop computer and an oversized world atlas lay on a teak coffee table along with a book of abstract art about Georges Braque. There were two Palmetto lounge chairs, one on either side of the table.  Two white rotating ceiling fans were set on low. The porch overlooked a campus and the sea a half-mile away. A high-tech yacht was anchored in the harbor.

“We’re good to go,” she said crossing her legs and tapping the sides of the chair with her slender fingers. I took note of her matching dark burgundy polished nails. Up to this moment she always preferred beige.

“In reference to?” I asked.

“Let’s say I’ve more than enough resources…today more than ever before…I no longer need a country per se.”

“Sounds a bit scandalous . Where do you reside?”

“Wherever I wish. Physically, I’ve separate places, off the grid locations. I lease a private jet. I use only leased vehicles and I own a high-tech yacht. Only my assistant  knows my precise whereabouts at any given time. My motto – You can have the Earth…I want the Milky Way!”

“What do you mean I want the Milky Way?”

“I lead a comparatively small group of technical advisors including exobiologists, linguists, digital communications experts and attorneys. We’ve established the intricate structure that provides us control over all future communications throughout the Milky Way. It’s called Galaxy Exobiological Communications System or GECS. The structure allows us to collect, analyze, catalog, archive and otherwise disseminate all exobiological information and communications throughout our galaxy.”

“Sounds intriguing and rather challenging.”

“I have the people, resources and confidence.”

“As your therapist I think your ideas and activities are rather…shall I say, remarkable.”

“I told my assistant you would say that…thank you.”

“It’s a private group?”

“My assistant, the group of experts and now…you are aware.”

“I see. Why bother telling me about your plan?”

 “Two reasons. First, the psychological impact on our group and humans in general within the context of exobiological communications with other species…especially, once we establish contact and second, it’s about you and me…that is, our future personal relationship.”

“Our future personal relationship?”

“Well…knowing what you know about me… my own characteristics shall we say…. I want you close.”

“What about your …?”

“Not an issue? They’re living in another part of the world. Have been for years. We meet about once a month. Makes for a wonderful relationship from both our points of view.”

“You told me at a previous session you liked long distance relationships.”

“Distance has its benefits.”

I nodded. “Well you know I need to check in on my other patients.”

“I already spoke with your colleague. She’s agreed to take over your practice. I’m now your only client. We’ve collected and packed the things you depend on, need and want. While you’ve analyzed me I’ve done the same with you.”

“I see.”

 “You’ve got all the attributes I want.” Her mobile phone sounded. She looked at it and stood up.


“One of our objectives was reached a few moments ago.

“And that is?”

She merely smiled and said, “My boat’s in the harbor.”