fluctuating vision: transgressions & ethics

by LJ Frank

irregular insights

a premature issuance

misappropriated words spoken

mislaid classified documents

all within a sloppy second’s context

an oily residue seeks the lowest level

real property was never the same again

narrative places for leverage

sunglass covered eyes with shadow liner



whisperings made with legs spread

in the sign of victory while lying down

leaving stains on the sheet

not to be unthought of

but too much can be an intrigue

and so many secrets are in vain

for all the person had to do was ask…

how does one pay for their debts

prisons offer a lobbyist’s solution



don’t take it personal though all is

not wanting to be revealed

but the judge in a black robe

who wants to hold court

scratches their chin

looked over the documents

with pages flushed down the toilet

how did he or she become so wise

while the pawns lived within glass houses



contriving is a fox in sheep’s clothing

until one notices

 the reality

the silk like street was not gold

rather…was made of yellow dust

and the vision fluctuated

each time the eyes blinked

and a preacher suggested that a raging storm

is a sign of something else altogether.