Guest Column: A Reflection ~ Is this a tipping point?  

Credit: Divine align bridge over divide by Deb Breton

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor

Division or Unity?

 Divisiveness is like  a yawning chasm. Is it possible to build a bridge between our differences to live in Unity Consciousness?

All prophecies have foretold of a time when the old paradigm breaks down, some using apocalyptic metaphors. Depending on how we look at things, this pandemic can be the time of significant evolution for humankind. A spiritual evolution to move beyond duality, from the ‘Them’ versus ‘Us’ mindset. To a state of Unity Consciousness. Where we are aware of our differences and tolerate our differences because we see the need to serve the collective good, even if for no other reason than survival. We learn to incorporate compromise in every solution, give some slack for our human imperfections including in our leaders. It’s a big request for all of us and it’s not easy. Sometimes when we make a shift the original model asserts itself more exaggeratedly. The Covid fallout is creating alot differing camps; divisive points of view prevail.

Yet when does the ‘Them’ and ‘Us’ perspective hold legitimacy? One could say when defence is necessary from the callous forces of greed and cruelty. And paradoxically part of this Evolutionary shift is individual assertion against the control of authoritarianism.

Some might say whenever my individual choice is threatened—Like mandatory masks. And some might say vaccines.

I am not anti-mask…I am not anti-vaccine, I am against anything mandatory without very good reason. It’s like adhering to the Highway Code because that saves lives. I am OK about wearing a mask in supermarkets; indoor places holding the belief my spit may infect someone else. (Having seen with my own eyes how far spit travels, when the sunlight on a plane illuminated the spray dancing whenever I spoke and it went an astonishingly long way!) I would not mandate, I would educate.

However, it’s very different for people wearing masks all day, the discomfort is clear, there needs to be a better design for easy breathing through the nose. And now mandatory for school kids here in Canada from around age 9. That is very concerning.

Aside from being hard to hear someone, we also communicate a lot with facial expressions. How can a teacher teach effectively behind a mask? Innovation time!

I am strongly against mandatory vaccination as there is so much general science about the hit and miss success. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry a long time ago where there was a flu vaccine unit. And every year they did their best to project the particular convolute the virus would be for that year but some years it was way off, thus offering little protection, with little publicity about side effects.

So, we can’t benignly take advice and reassurance that a vaccine is going to be the great white hope of eradication. Particularly on a rush basis with no time for side effect studiesL. Let alone the financial opportunism of Big Pharm.

The Shift to Unity Consciousness.

Soul journeys are not only personal they are about countries and cultures too. What if this soul journey is of Western culture moving from colonialism; domination by white patriarchal masculine energies, to the assertion of the feminine energy of collaboration and caring? Love and compassion first.

What can we do to support this shift to the feminine energy inside us all?

-Follow our intuition
 of what is right for each of us including being conscious of how we affect others. Focus on our hearts first for guidance, not our minds. Every decision we make includes a risk benefit assessment. When compassion and love lead our judgment, a better outcome is likely.

-Stop doing things that perpetuate divisiveness: 

  • Stop passionately enforcing one point of view. Sometimes when we have a different opinion we can fall into the trap of debate to the death! Whereas truth is, there is never going to be a convincing argument that converts a diametrically opposite view. E.g. Political sides. Suggestion here is to say ‘we’re going to have to differ on that one’ and leave it alone. Choose to stay friends.
  • Stop supporting party politics. There was a hiatus of cross party collaboration in Canada during the initial response to the pandemic. A welcome relief from darts and arrows being thrown. But now the old posturing and assumption that the opposing party is wrong and slightly stupid is back. Aggressive tone and language. I am so sick of it!! We can call for a new way.
  • Stop trying to break a rant. When someone is having a rant that’s all they’re doing, not really wanting or able to listen to someone else, they just need to get something off their chest and out of their own system. Hold space, give them your full compassionate presence and attention, maybe say a mantra of healing silently until they finished. It’s a healthy release for all of us and good to feel safe enough to do that with friend
  • Stop emotionally over-reacting to someone’s differing view. Often we misunderstand what people are actually trying to communicate because our own sensitivities and projections cloud our perceptions. We know we’re over-reacting when our buttons are being hit and we have a somatic bodily revolt. Wait for the wave of emotion to pass, then sit and contemplate what this is about. I had one recently with someone who seemed to be a bit competitive and wondered if that was because I was competitive too, but in the end I realized it was my desire to receive approval that I was looking for and not getting:))

In my past emotional healing I sometimes had to send myself an email rather than communicate with the person who’d hurt me. In the early days I used to actually write them, that was never a good idea! Email oneself is a way of clearing the wound from our system, as seeing our written word the next day often brings insights into the state of our emotional bodies.

  • Stop promoting a hate dialogueon social media. Some feel extremely against another view- point and resort to personal attacks and even spur on friends to support their hate. Using social media as a trial without judge and jury. Such public shaming is very low vibration finger pointing, and deeply malicious.  Stems from our culture steeped in systemic racism, misogyny, homophobia, hatred of otherness. Takes an incredible insight to see these biases in ourselves.
  • Stop sharing misinformation that fuels fear and divisiveness. Good to fact check whenever possible and also use one’s intuition. If my perception of the host and presentation in a video feels cartoon- like, that’s my spirit saying “false“.
  • Stop letting our subconscious beliefs rule our divisive behaviour. Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious built from family and societal conditioning, past lives and even our ancestral beliefs in our DNA. They can drive antipathy, fear and hatred. Those who experienced authoritarianism in many cultures are particularly fearful of any kind of increased government control.  Whereas it’s possible to create change in our democratic system with petitions, letters, marches etc. And use the power of intention and prayer to make peaceful changes. This works!

On a personal level it’s time for clearing these old subconscious beliefs that perpetuate separation to reveal our true understanding of our Oneness and there are many healing modalities available to bring us into alignment with our soul self.

Building the bridge over the chasm
Through the reassertion of feminine softer values that are actually very powerful:

  1. Intend to radiate loving presence. Send Love to one another.
  2. Embrace and share social media platforms and posts that stand for Love and Unity Consciousness. Humour connects us too!
  3. Be able to listen to opposing opinions without rancour but with openness, receptivity and curiosity.
  4. Smile and gently suggest another way of seeing something, rather than being pushy and assertive.
  5. Speak from our hearts with invitational language. Ask how someone feels, allow them to be heard.
  6. Hold an intention to find solutions to problems with in-put from others, a creative collaboration. A mosaic of ideas can strengthen the way the bridge moves in the wind.
  7. Use Daily affirmations of our Oneness.  Every morning to re-wire my brain, I say. “I am aware I am part of One Consciousness I send Love and kindness into the quantum field. I am caring for all human beings to have healthcare, welfare, a lovely place to live, food and drink on their table and a role in life and taught we are part of One consciousness”
  8. Meditate. Go within to experience our light as interconnected spirits. Here are a couple of meditations I`ve recorded on YouTube:

One-ness Meditation    
Forgiveness Meditation.