Guest Column: An Auspicious Cosmic Encounter on Dec. 21st, 2020

 Credit: Painting by Christi Williams

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor

The Winter Solstice meets the Gateway to the Age of Aquarius

The Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, marks the re-birth of the light and the beginning of new growth as daylight begins to lengthen. A natural cycle of death and renewal begins as the winter descends. The light expands very gradually, a tiny amount each day, ultimately returning the Sun to its full radiance at the Summer Solstice. Knowing this as we move through the dreary dormancy of winter fills us with hope for a brighter future.

And this year brings a rare cosmic encounter-the Solstice falls on a very significant time astrologically, it’s considered the gateway to the Age of Aquarius. A gateway into a New Age of Freedom. This is signalled by a Great Conjunction of two planets Saturn and Jupiter at 1:20 pm EST on Dec 21st 2020.

2020 was said to be the year of finding new balance, some likened the year to ‘2020 vision’ bringing perfect clarity. Finding new balance and clarity includes shedding the past to open new ideas, but I don’t think any of us thought it would come through such an upheaval to human lifestyles and attitudes all around the world with the Covid virus. The good news is that we are now in for a positive change as we enter the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Freedom, Love and Fellowship.

This shift has been in the making for a very long time.

For the past few hundred years we have been under the influence of Capricorn which is all about structure and control and practical ways of operating in the world to be materially successful. Including a respect and admiration of individualism above the collective, a great reverence for self made men and women. Very goal oriented and rational, acknowledging forces that are evident in physicality and proved by science; not so sensitive to energy and the spiritual point of life. Under the rule of Capricorn the dualistic nature of this physical 3D reality and its essential binary nature has been closely adhered to. The 3D structure holds together through opposites, positive and negatives, wonderful experiences of the range can result in the sheer joy of being alive! But can also foster the feeling of separation– and as we reach the end of this Capricorn authority there is a surge in expression of dualistic thinking. All over the world there is much divisive, confrontational thinking going on –which may be necessary to really help us see that is not the right choice forward as it takes us back into battlegrounds and wars. The polarities exist and here is the opportunity  to embrace this fact but no longer be governed by them and become able to hold neutrality- live and let live. Commune and converse with other viewpoints.

The polarities of difference are here to be enjoyed!

New awareness revealed from the Covid Pandemic:

The Covid experience has shed light on many things needing attention in our society:

-Corruption. The corruption in governments, government agencies, the police. —The unfairness. The ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ financially; the diminishment of people with colour.

-The cracks in our infrastructure: Transportation, hospitals, schools, affordable housing, lack of urban parkland.

-Politicizing. The politicizing of everything in politics extending to all groups with different points of view. Debating ideas in a right vs. wrong fashion. Finger pointing. Many people are tired of this and wonder when is someone in Leadership going to say “let’s work together” and have a conversation about how we can get input across all the parties and stakeholders and create a better solution to a problem”? 

The power of fear and media abetting. The pandemic has illuminated the power of fear being used to control people and fuelled by media sensationalism. Profit from audiences rather than providing valid information to help people make conscious decisions.

Revaluation of values. Lock downs have brought hardship for many and also time to reflect on what we really value in life…Care and Compassion and Freedom seem top of many lists.

The stars light the way forward.

Here we are now at an Astrological Great Conjunction. The two largest planets Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees to each other –so close as to look like one big star. When this has occurred in the past it’s been called the Christmas star/ The Star of Bethlehem.  The birth of Christ portended a new era opening to Love, some are seeing 2020 being like a second coming of the birth of Christ Consciousness of Love in each individual.

The symbolism of the Great Conjunction:

Saturn is about the shadow, resolving our karma. Such deep self work can lead to maturity and inner strength as we embrace and integrate our dark side.

 Jupiter is about illumination and expansion, shines light on our gifts for ownership and gratitude. Unlocks our ability to see new possibilities and recognize we may need others help to fully open our Soul Light.

This conjunction can propel us into a new era of freedom in a mature respectful way.

However we’re at a gateway so there will likely be the push pull dynamic operating inside each of us and in the culture. An upheaval of beliefs and questioning of what we care about. May take us into darker places in our psyche for enlightenment helping us to accept that we can be both good and bad, dark and light, eventually into loving the perfection of our imperfection.

How to get through the gateway and let our light shine?


  • I suggest it’s by honouring and including our shadow feelings—spending time with them deep breathing to neutralize the emotional wave. Feeling them in our hearts and considering the opposites. What might this be turned into? Judgment can turn into compassion. Jealousy into celebration. Take action to instigate this shift—press the Love button on someone’s Facebook post!

And if someone is feeling disenfranchised and a bit of a victim there is an opportunity to focus on the other end of that polarity and imagine being respected and part of community and doing small things each day to materialise that option. Be the change.

  • Emotions like Fear, Anger and Grief can take much longer to turn around. Fear can turn into serenity after breathing and grounding exercises—sometimes a quick sprint can break the wave. A focus on the heart with steady breathing and meditation can bring the pressure down.

Anger. There are two types of anger –personal and humanitarian.  Personal–A quick release of personal anger in a non violent way can be by silent cursing under the breath or a quick fist shake in the air in private, or a bang on the desk, or conscious deep breathing! Humanitarian anger, white anger, can be channeled into creating positive change that brings peace.  

Grief . Grief tends to be a very deep emotion and if the pain is expressed through tears it can allow the opposite of Joy to re-enter life. In my own culture, grief was avoided by distractions and stiff upper lip and I observed other cultures encouraging crying and wailing as a way to release which seemed much healthier to me. In my own deep grief after my husband’s sudden death I couldn’t stop crying and here I am today with an ability to live with joy again. Really important to cry in times of sorrow.

The Other side of the Gate is Unity Consciousness

The Age of Aquarius portends a shift into living in ‘Unity Consciousness’, caring for the Good of the Whole, more love and understanding. Aquarius is about being free spirited and less materialistic, being creative and open-minded, humanitarian. It also governs technology and wave forms.  These characteristics describe a new world of caring and respecting each other rather than fighting each other. Also more digital advancements can be expected to potentially cement our unity.

However like everything there is a dark side, we could become involved in ‘group-think’, herd mentality and stifle our individual offerings. There can also be a false sense of freedom ignoring all rules, even those that serve the greater good. Capricorn was with us for so long to help with that, keeping us true to our own soul integrity. And fearlessly speak from that place with maturity.

 We have been at the dawn of the Age for most of our life and I am old enough to have seen the musical Hair and it promised a very exciting new time for humanity –“Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding….. Aquarius, Aquarius”

I was young and entranced and really hoped for that way of life!!!!! Well better late than never!  Here we are: December 21st 2020.

Meditation to welcome the Age of Aquarius.

A new guided meditation I recorded with my wonderful friend Lynn Loutfi, a Canadian with roots in the Lebanon, playing her magical crystal bowls. This meditation helps you connect with your soul light to manifest your dreams for this new age.