Guest Column: Be the beam into a brighter World!

Credit: Water colour by Mary Gibbs

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor

Choose the road best travelled

In 2021 the evolutionary shift gathers momentum. Inspiring more of us to be our Soul Selves to bring more light into our future. Encouraging change for the good of all, rather than supporting the status quo which favours the economic improvement of the few super wealthy. This change will take energy, commitment and courage to break free from the old model with elegance and respect, and determination.

In the past year, fear has entangled many people into the Ego survival mode creating a disconnect with our true mode as spirits having a human experience. We are both human beings with foibles, fears and fantasies and eternal Spirits at the same time. As we balance these two driving forces we can more clearly see which is the road best travelled. If we travel down the separated ego isolation track we will never end the arguments of varying views of righteousness, pitching against each other. Protectionism, negativism, populism, all the isms “I, Self and Me!” This road is a rough one strewn with rubbish, abandoned guns and road kill. Pretty dystopian.

It’s La La Land:

Discursive downers, involvements, disagreements, triggers to our serenity. The daily infusion of bad news, differing views. Annoying people, contrary people, disgraceful people, aggressive hoodlums. Anything that rocks our boat, disturbs our equilibrium, our current beliefs. The pain of a sharp word, a disapproving glance, feels like an assault, like a punch in the belly, a gasp of disbelief. A heart rending sadness can consume us, feels like there’s no end to this.

We often deal with such converse views and personal hurts and fears with aggression, a fighting spirit which through adversarial engagement perpetuates the very thing we are trying to resolve.  A better way would be to be with our feelings, discharge the emotion, absorb the experience and move on around the obstacles, in some cases an emotionally balanced conversation is possible. A desire to understand becomes our intention. Not saying there aren’t valid times to say NO. Obviously physically threatening behaviour and cruelty require STOP. Otherwise it’s to discern when NO is appropriate by checking in with our soul place of deeper wisdom.

Be a Brave Soul:

 If we bravely ascend to our Soul Self viewpoint we will be able to extricate ourselves from the day to day contretemps and take a deep breath and shift into another vibration. Our soul vibration, which is at a higher level than our usual day to day—often known as our Higher self. While staying in our Body, breathing in deep, we can stand back from any aggravating situation and reflect from a bigger perspective in awareness that we are all part of One Consciousness. Shift to feel Love and Compassion.

 Wonder what is going on under this –is it a chance to expand my awareness, have I been competitive, irrationally protective or aggressive? Is this an opportunity for me to expand my ability to communicate with various viewpoints without rancour? To try to understand what it feels like to be in another person’s moccasins, as the old saying goes. Reflection is a magic potion to a higher state of consciousness.

Let go of Linear time:

Many of us are losing our sense of time during the pandemic and lock down. What day is it we frequently ask? I can’t remember!

Question is? … that a bad thing?

One of the constructs of this plane of experience on earth is linear time. Eastern Philosophy (Kashmir Shaivism*) describes the set up on earth as a Play of Consciousness. Where we feel powerless, separate and alone but have the chance to reunite with the truth of who we are as part of One Consciousness with similar power and abilities.


Maya the veil of illusion:

The separation story begins with Maya the veil of illusion. Maya comes along with 5 veils to diminish our divine powers and frustrate us!

  1. Power of Desire. Diminished to personal desire for gratification which can become insatiable attachments, addictions and obsessions.
  2. All knowing. Diminished to an over reliance on external information rather than mining our inner wisdom.
  3. Unlimited Creative Power and abilities. Veiled to feeling disempowered ‘less than’. Manifesting from our subconscious with disappointing results versus our hopes and dreams and expectations.
  4. Omnipresence, being everywhere. Diminished to a perception of fixed form and space. Little appreciation of multi-dimensional possibilities and our interdependence with all people, our planet, all things.
  5. Eternal nature. Veiled by the construct of linear time, the sense of past, present and future,

Is Covid dissolving the veils of illusion?

This Covid experience may be removing the veils of illusion.

We have all been faithfully adhering to linear time-some even synchronise watches! But now does the old clock matter? 9-5 jobs are becoming more flexible, work when you can within an overall deadline. Working from home. Take a walk in the afternoon to refresh. We are breaking free from the veil of linear time!

Zooming around the world helps to expand awareness of our multi dimensional nature I can be here and also there at the same time.

The global spread of the infection highlights our interdependency. And the possible origin in the wet markets in Wuhan reminds us of our interconnection with all creatures and demands our care and respect for all life forms.

Forgetting the day and time can help us live in the moment. Forgetfulness also allows us to leave the binding of our ego stories. So the past no longer shapes our present with a strait jacket of narrow memories. But without our stories what is left? Who are we?


Our Soul Essence

Our soul is our essential self before conditioning and life events formed a particular personality based on those experiences. As we remove the veils of illusion back to our Soul Self we can say ‘I am who I am, and more powerful than I’d realized’.

Time to tune into the gifts we were born with to offer at this time.

Be the voice that needs to be heard. Each has a unique offering to this evolutionary shift. Not necessarily to be a ‘something’. It can be a clearer expression of your character– Be the Gentleness you are, be the Warrior you are, be the Singer you are, be the Compassion, be the Kindness in the corporate world, be the Whistle blower for truth, be the Rebel with a cause. The gifts are as diverse as humanity itself. Tune in every day to the guidance from our soul in our heart and notice what you feel resonance with in quiet moments of reflection and follow that each day. It can be simply showing love and respect to everyone you meet, radiate your light and smile as you walk along.

Recently on my morning walk near the Water Filtration Plant, where security is growing with closed gates and police presence, 2 police cars were leaving and I let them have the right of way, smiling cordially. The first cop, a female, smiled and waved at me, the second, male, rolled down his window and I thought, warily, ‘What’s going down?’…..I went in closer and he said ‘Happy New Year!’.

Just saying warm smiles work wonders with people!

The Poetry of Options

  • The Separated Ego road

Let the world wallow in pity and injustice

Let the world be full of misunderstandings

Let the ‘others’ views seem insane

Let the world ignore the suffering

Let the world remain outside of me

Let the judgment and criticism continue

Let the worship of Power over integrity rule

Let my feeling of smallness drive my discontent


  • The Soul road

Let my heart open

So I can view the soul plan, the bigger picture

Let me be able to see a new opening

A new version of humanity and governance

That loves and gives & coordinates

And practically delivers the idea of One-ness with all people

With nature and with the planet

It is not a pipe dream

Let’s ‘I AM’ that list now in ourselves

I AM willing to form bridges across our differences

I AM Caring, I AM practically delivering love and help to humanity

I AM taking action about climate change

I AM honouring our planet with conscious behaviours; recycle, reduce, reuse

I AM honouring all people all races

I AM honouring the values of integrity, kindness, honesty in myself and others

Power to the people with Soul awareness

Aware of our interconnection, our dignity, our beauty, our fragility

Use the most amazing power of subtle intention to build our new world

Love and Compassion

Sure beats wars


  • Meditation helps us connect with the best road. Here’s one to connect with our soul self for guidance. Try it regularly. It works!

Meditation for soul connection:


*Tantra. The Path of Ecstasy. By Georg Fuerstein