Guest Column: Beyond the Current Pandemic, Birthing a New Consciousness!

Credit: Pok Rie, Photographer

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor

The times are excruciating. Problematic. Provocative. And an opportunity.  Even though the chaos suggests otherwise. It is a potential opportunity to break free from fear, old paradigms and a sense of smallness after 1000’s years of subjugation by Patriarchy and the Corporate emphasis on profit not people! Profit not the planet! Covid-19 is weirdly drawing us together. And it’s not over.

We can form a new Consciousness, ‘Unity Consciousness’.

 Aware that we are all part of One Consciousness within the duality and existential framework of living on earth, resisting being governed by divisive thinking. The ‘them’ and ‘us’ perspective. Made desperately acute by the outrageous racism in the US and the revelation of systemic racism worldwide. The unconscious discrimination and prejudice is sobering. We can resolve from this time forward to see our similarities beyond the differences. And treat everyone inclusively with love and respect.

For this to happen we need to adopt an open mind, a ‘beginners mind’ as they say in Buddhism. To zero base our beliefs to create a different future based on new values we collectively decide upon. However, we can’t go forward until both clarify and clear the past.

Our new Consciousness requires us to move beyond current belief systems developed by our upbringing and by society. Beyond societal created models: The Economic model of balanced budgets. The Hierarchical model that some are more entitled than others. The Manifestation model, it’s all about hard work vs. Miracles. In particular the powerful Duality model governing our perceptions of ‘I’ and ‘otherness’. Right and wrong.

In Unity Consciousness we witness rather than engage with the duality-based model. Seek neutrality to be able to hold the paradox of differing views and ideas with curiosity, without judgment, yet with discernment of what is wise and loving and for the benefit of everyone. Not my term but I love it “Compassionate Neutrality”

The Vacillations: We are all struggling with this list.

  • Me or We first?

This is probably the biggest shift we’re in. Individualism has been admired for decades, the term ‘healthy ego’ was often coined. Undoubtedly self care and regard are very important but not in a selfish ‘Me, Me’ way. Honouring ourselves, while simultaneously being aware of the well being of others, is being drawn to our attention in the pandemic.

  • Fear mongering vs. sensible survival measures.

Handling the unknown is the biggest issue for many and can create fear and immobilization as we tend to prefer to navigate the familiar even when harmful. Fear seems to be built into the news these days as there is no clear path and some people are terrified to go out. Sensible practices for protection are especially important for those who are vulnerable. For the rest a newer idea is to source our inner wisdom at every decision point. Our hearts and gut feelings are becoming more important barometers of what is the truth for each of us. Ask yourself what is the best decision for you at every junction? This inner guidance may have been awakened in many more people after this reflection time-out.

  • Conspiracy theories vs. natural pandemic?

Duality is the set-up on earth, the light and the dark, the good and the bad, so we are used to viewing things from 2 sides of the coin and choosing a side. We are living a Separation Story—Eastern philosophy describes our spiritual journey as a game of hide and seek. We are actually part of One consciousness, which is love, but we are born with amnesia to journey to the pleasure of reunion, seeing our Oneness!

 Trouble is, the sense of separation is very deeply in our psyche, we are emotionally locked into a feeling that we are separate and alone. Thus for some conspiracy theories can be a pre-occupation at the moment as part of the contribution. I think it is important to educate ourselves more broadly than the daily narrative, sift through information and theories to find that which resonates with each of us. I don’t see conspiracies so much as an opportunity for an evolutionary shift away from suppression to a conscious caring to benefit the many across all levels of society. A benevolent source in government is not readily imaginable…but I hope it may be possible?

 Move into Unity Consciousness one person at a time.

 It is no mistake that we are here at an evolutionary gateway. We are here to embody our full spirit to express our unique soul calling in the evolutionary shift. We have power we never dreamed of when we work together for a common cause.

 Re-empowering ourselves starts by shifting how we look at things and realize our power as a strand of source energy interconnected with everyone else. It is also said that if enough of us live in this enlightened understanding we will create a tipping point for a positive shift for everyone. We don’t need to meet each other for this to happen, the vibes ripple outwards into Consciousness

\Embodiment of our spirit. We are spirits in bodies who have access to a fountain of wisdom. But we have to be in our bodies to be conduits of the new possibilities and express new ideas persuasively. Going out for walks in nature, dancing and taking exercise brings us into our bodies. Plus the expansiveness of nature takes us out of our small-self fears and cements a loving connection with our planet.

Use the Power of Intention. Make it so! Quantum physics confirms the power of the mind to create reality. An intention such as people before profit, health before profit, art before profit, our planet before profit.

 An intention for the benefit of others aligns with the collective desire for evolution, invites synchronicities and ease of manifesting new creations to serve the greater good. Change can happen with miraculous speed.

But we can’t go forward until we clear the past; our subconscious beliefs

How do these Subconscious beliefs form?

We arrive here in a state of shock—birth is not an easy entry – we cry on arrival! So we are innocent and vulnerable and depend on our parents for our survival and wellbeing. And they and the rest of the family fill us with their beliefs with good intentions, but not necessarily good for us. Inspired by protection but very controlling to fit in with all societal morays of the time. These conditioning beliefs from childhood and stuck emotions from personal experience roam around our subconscious and create our life experiences over-riding some of our original gifts and talents, hopes and dreams. They create dissonance in our energy field and can trigger disease in our physical bodies at a cellular level. And they can be passed on from other generations via our DNA and our environment. That’s a biggie!

Our Ancestral DNA

Our DNA carries the experiences of our ancestors good and bad. Our emotions and experiences can be reminiscent of our parents. We are part of the same cloth not quite as individual as we’d like to think. Our ancestors have helped propel us forward in our evolution. They paved the way for us to move beyond straight survival into this more expanded exploration of our spiritual life. They were survivors and that primordial self protection is encoded in our DNA. Flight and fight are sometimes needed. However their negative experiences, including some deeply wounded patterns are in our DNA stream too, even severe psychological trauma can be passed down through one’s genes. All our past experiences and our ancestral karma are stored in our energy field. These patterns are stuck, frozen until addressed.

The study of Epigenetics has opened a rapid way to clear the past, it shows that our DNA encoding can be over-ridden by our conscious minds once we disempower our subconscious karmic patterns.

We are part of continuum of experience with our Ancestors helping each other up and down the timeline. Any spiritual lessons we had in common that they resolved and we benefitted from are in our energy field. The positive is that when we change our negative patterns they change too!

Clarify and clear ancestral trauma and beliefs with Meditation

We can clear ancestral subconscious patterns energetically in Meditation using the power of intention. To enhance our intention there is background music encoded with frequencies to clear ancestral karma.

You can do this meditation more than once to clear different patterns that surface.

Ancestral clearing Meditation:

Here’s the music ‘Good vibes binaural beats’

.Acknowledgments: To my late husband David Bowring. Whose birthday is today June 12th 1950! And to my dear friend, the late Jeane Jorgensen.