Guest Column: Break free from the culture of Divisiveness…Reassert the Divine Feminine power of Nurture

by Hilary Bowring

Divisiveness is a significant aspect of patriarchy:

‘Patriarchy is institutionalized control. Rigid viewpoints as opposed to listening to other perspectives. Stiff upper lip as opposed to open expression of vulnerability and emotions.

Even though Patriarchy has suppressed women to a secondary status under men. It is not only about suppressing women. It is about suppressing freedom of expression by both men and women. It affects both men and women.”

Breaking Free from Patriarchy, through re-assertion of the divine feminine power of nurture.

This is an evolutionary shift about the assertion of the Divine Feminine in both genders. For the strength of the more nurturing, sensitive feminine values to be honoured in our culture….

Our shift is on two levels—Individually to break free from this domineering divisive energy of Patriarchy to be in full expression of our unique soul selves. With our masculine: feminine energies in optimal balance.

Collectively shift from combat to compassion and understanding as a societal approach to problems. Stop being adversarial, stop having wars and building walls!

The Process:

  • Understand the Archetypal Energy of Patriarchy.

Archetypes develop and are empowered by the prevailing beliefs of our collective consciousness, the more we reinforce the beliefs the more they affect our thinking and behaviour. Major roots of patriarchy are in the Pantheon of Greek Gods whose Archetypes influence to this day.  We can break free by becoming aware of what they represent in terms of attitudes and behaviour and resist the same in ourselves.Then open to archetypal energies that assert the Divine Feminine and sacred Masculine, supporting our evolutionary shift to be our soul selves.

The Major Patriarchal Gods in the Greek Pantheon are: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

Zeus-Is the Commander in chief, a sky God, his symbol is the Eagle or thunderbolt. The god of the Gods. Although married he seduced many women and assumed different forms, like a shape shifter, to become what the woman would be attracted to.  A manipulative way to get what he wanted. E.g. Clinton and many men of power.

Poseidon–is next in the hierarchy, the unpredictable power. Resentful, prone to emotional outbursts, his symbol is the bull or stallion. Poseidon was not subtle in his lust, assumed with power he could get what he wanted.  Guess Who!!

HadesLord of the Underworld. Hades was called ‘the invisible one’ as he had a cap of invisibility. He could go out into the world and not be seen. He is the archetype of the strong silent type. The introverted non communicative aspect of Patriarchy. Can deliver  silent put downsto any non compliance with the rules. E.g. GOP.

Let’s explore Zeus in more detail as this archetype has dominated our culture.

-Zeus :Commander in chief. The father of the Olympian gods and the ruling archetype of modern patriarchal culture. A sky God, his symbol is an Eagle or a thunderbolt. The alpha-male, the accomplished politician. In positive ways a protector deity. Stands for moral behaviour within established parameters. Has the ability to see the bigger picture. Some outstanding leaders would be under the Zeus archetype -Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Churchill. Our legal system, our government structures are modelled under the Zeus archetypal energy and values. ‘The Establishment.

-Shadow Zeus. Carries the fierceness of the ‘thunderbolt’. Symbolizing a weapon of such destruction that can radically change things. A level of power appealing to war-like conquerors, not the kind of leadership we need today in the complex world of nuclear power. Not a time for shadow Zeus globally! At home can be the forceful authoritarian father with many offspring, a discreet womanizer with many casual affairs.A form of toxic masculinity.

– Zeus in the individualis very ambitious and wants to succeed in life within the established framework. Believes that hard work is key to success. Has an ability to see the bigger picture. A strategist and planner, cool and confident…… Utilizes family networks and leverages them—In the shadow aspect nepotism  and cronyism are Ok!

 –Zeus family is not very emotionally expressive, they admire the mental realm, go to good schools and into the professions. Well regarded and form alliances and contracts with others. Well connected at the higher levels in the community:  financially, politically and media elevated  “Royal families.”

-‘Wanna be’ Zeus families. Like mine! Who believed that upward social mobility was assured by following a model based on education, networking & striving. However this model includes adhering to some very restrictive codes of behaviour to flourish in life. There is a right way to do things, a pressure to measure up to social mores, which cramps the full expression of our soul offerings. E.g. My brother is an artist, a musician; diminished in our family because his wonderful talents were outside the model they believed in.

The Disquiet is there is no love in this model. Nothing about follow your heart, your passion. It is about rigid compliance with a structure that feeds the power of the few. We have all been influenced and to break free I suggest a meditation to counter this conditioning and open our hearts to our true soul:

‘The Mind into the Heart’ meditation.

  • New archetypes to reassert the Divine Feminine: Wisdom Goddess Activation

This Goddess activation is asserting the divine feminine inside us irrespective of gender. For change to take place the divine feminine has to be honoured in the masculine too. Re-balancing our M:F energies to be more nurturing and sensitive in our individual lives and in turn in our culture. We turn to the Southern Indian Wisdom Goddesses for an Activation to invoke a divine feminine archetype to counter the Zeus aspect of patriarchal energy inside us. These wisdom Goddesses remained unaffected by the original Patriarchal movement as there was no incentive for the early conquerors to go into the cul-de-sac of South India. Their energy has remained supported for 1000s of years.

The Goddess to counter balance Zeus is:

Parvati. The Goddess of Relationships.  Parvati in the Indian myths is married to Shiva, the creator and destroyer. He’s a bit like Zeus, a powerful leader who governs the world. Unlike Zeus he values his freedom above all and is not a philanderer. Paradoxically his downfall is his desire. In the myth Parvati focussed on developing her own power as a yogi in complete independence and thereby became the objectof his desire. He lost his freedom to satisfy that, he capitulated to her, came down from the mountain top.

Symbolizing the power of the divine feminine to topple arrogance and distance!

Parvati: The Goddess of Relationships. Nurture, Autonomy, Connection.

Evokes new ways to navigate Patriarchy:

– Be our SoulSelf. No direct confrontation, stand firm as our own true self and be able to say No when appropriate.

Balanced Masculine and Feminine energy-full equal partnership. With feminine softness and masculine strength in perfect balance. Resilient even when faced with rejection and disappointment.

-Be Nurturing. A Nurturing quality allows us to live with all aspects of humanity.

-When faced with someone’s shadow side be able to assimilate that aspect and still see the full being. Including toxic masculinity which can be dissipated with compassion and insightful conversation that reveals & urges responsibility for the wounding so Healing can begin.

-Hold Unity Consciousness. Feel compassion for the human conditionwhile maintaining boundaries. Not divisive or judgmental – assertive yet continues to love even when contrary points of view prevail. Seeks common ground in conversation.

Breaking free from Patriarchy starts with us.As Parvati is an archetype if we focus on her we can co-mingle with her strengths. As we change ourselves we become the change we want to see… I think Oprah and Obama carry Parvati energy.

Be our Soul self, Nurture, Enduring Love, Unity Consciousness, Compassion.

Experience an Activation from Parvati in this mantra by IndiaJiva album Universal Mother .