Guest Column: Breaking free from Suppression- Reassert the Divine Feminine power of Loving Communication

by Hilary Bowring

Suppression is an aspect of Patriarchy, the bone structure of western culture and beyond. An overbearing form of masculine energy, sometimes cool, confident, logical, authoritarian and other times aggressive, raging, war-like. Suppressive. Suppressing the rights of the many for the benefit of the few.

Breaking Free by reasserting the divine feminine power of Loving Communication.

The evolutionary shift is about the assertion of the Divine Feminine in both genders for more nurturing, sensitive feminine values to be honoured in our culture. The gentler softer side of our nature… The shift is on two levels—Individually to break free from the energy of Patriarchy to be caring conscious individuals, more loving to others. Exercise our power to voice what we care about through non confrontational channels.

-Collectively move to compassion and understanding as a societal approach to problems, seeing our similarities rather than differences and helping those in need. See that caring for others benefits society as a whole.

The Process of Shifting:

  • Understand the Archetypal Energy of Patriarchy originating from the Greek Gods

Patriarchy is rooted in the Pantheon of Greek Gods whose Archetypes influence to this day.  We can break free by becoming aware of what they represent in terms of attitudes and behaviour and resist the same in ourselves. Then open to archetypal energies that assert the Divine Feminine supporting our shift to be our soul selves. The last article focussed on Zeus the father of all the Gods. This one is on Poseidon.

Poseidon is next in the hierarchy below Zeus. God of the sea, the unpredictable power of the ocean. Prone to emotional outbursts whereas Zeus is more aloof in the mental realm. Poseidon is not subtle in his lust; he is the archetype of sexual directness. His symbol is the bull or stallion so can expose himself with arrogance! Assumes with power he can get what he wants. His trident is like a phallic symbol to strut about with!

The Patriarchal power of Poseidon

As God of the sea, his realm is instinct and emotion with a power to form tidal waves at times, or earthquakes (he was also called the Earth-shaker). Can shake up the orderly style of Patriarchy set up by Zeus. Certain times, like now in our society, when the old model is no longer working for many, Poseidon patriarchal archetypes show up—e.g. Trump in US and Ford in Canada. In political arenas few challenge because Poseidon energy is so unpredictable and scary– Trump’s fast angry tweets. And no push back from the caucus allowed. When the patriarch is Poseidon, it’s a very dangerous-feeling world.  A positive perspective is that for spiritual evolution the old may have to be shaken up by the Poseidon archetypes! But requires the courage to speak out!!

Poseidon Energy in an individual…  Like the powerful motions and moods of the sea- terrible moods and feelings can flood a person’s emotions when the Poseidon archetype overwhelms. All rationality can be drowned out.

At home. The parent who comes home after a bad day and unleashes their temper by shouting at their spouse or child! The family tries to keep the peace, keep quiet, don’t stir things up when the rage is present. On a good day may offer sweets and laughter trying to create good times. Can go from one extreme to another. On these occasions a Narcissist, unable to empathise.

Contemplate any members in your family or friendship circle either male or female who carried this energy of emotional instability of the archetype sometimes.

The Wounding and the Healing

Poseidon energy can have wounded us in our subtle energy bodies at our 1st and 2nd chakras. The 1st is about life force and vitality. Depression and tiredness are indications of a block; sometimes paralysed with fear or shame. Blocks form by suppressing natural responses to grief or abuse. The 2nd chakra is about emotional processing and sensuality and creativity is blocked by suppressing emotions, feeling low self worth, rejection or guilt.

Meditation to clear the 1st and 2nd chakras

 Evolution of Poseidon.. The unpredictable narcissistic energy can evolve when motivated by Love. Emotional depths can develop to become the peaceful serenity of the ocean, a profound beautiful part of the self.

How to manage the Poseidon Patriarchal energy?  Re-Assert the Divine Feminine with a Wisdom Goddess Activation…

This Goddess activation is asserting the divine feminine, regardless of gender, to be more loving in our individual lives and then in our culture. We turn to the Southern Indian Wisdom Goddesses who remained unaffected by the original Patriarchal movement as there was no incentive for the early conquerors to go into the cul-de-sac of South India. Their energy has remained supported for 1000s of years and is powerful.

We can counter balance Poseidon with a wisdom Goddess, who is also a water deity:

Saraswati.  Her name means the flowing one and is the name of an Indian river..

Saraswati the Wisdom Goddess of Loving Communication.

She is about the power of subtle communication, which includes the mystical.

                  She does not directly confront the Poseidon type of Patriarchy as she is the gentle water of the river that smoothly flows by an obstacle. Saraswati is the serene feminine aspect of ourselves, the counterpoise to rage and anger of the ocean. Going with the flow of our intention to its destination, undaunted by obstruction.  She stills troubled waters with the healing power of sound and mantra.

 Invoke Saraswati energy to Manage Poseidon energy in others and in ourselves:

                    -No direct engagement. Hold a compassionate presence while silently saying a transforming mantra or prayer. Sound is the precursor to creation— Practices of mantra and affirmations can calm us down, transform negative energies too—so even if nothing seems to be immediately happening in the physical it will come to pass.

We have her wisdom inside us and when activated it’s like a box of our own wisdom is opened. Several years ago a family member was going through a terrible phase in their life and sometimes, on the phone, would go into full emotional rant—the Poseidon energy raged forth. At first I tried to sooth with placations but could see I was fuelling the anger… So I stayed silent, felt compassion in my heart, sent love and said my mantra under my breath. My quiet loving presence and the healing energy of silent mantra repetition calmed. Similarly in oneself when overrun with emotion –Use a mantra and wait for the emotional wave to pass before speaking. Allowing time to be able to respond not react….. OM is good.

                     -Use inspired loving speech. Using words that are not aggressive or blameful can shift others and ourselves from rage to calm, anger to ease. Saraswati empowers speech to meet the needs of the moment. Invoke her to facilitate best communication for each situation–may require gentleness or firm direction or great clarity; be diplomatic or informative. Not blameful, be from the heart. e.g. Dr. Ford vs. mind-speak of Kavanagh.  Don’t fight fire with fire- A Klu Klux clan member said “don’t fight hate aggressively –hate feeds on aggression”. Peaceful protests are part of Saraswati energy.

Loving Detachment.

Saraswati is usually depicted with a swan, the symbol of discrimination and detachment. She knows when to act or detach from the situation, when we detach energy dissipates. Sometimes physical detachment is necessary … get the hell out of there! Another symbol of Poseidon is the bull and if we ‘take the bull by the horns’ ‘it’s a sure way to suicide!” (Marianne Williamson)

-Use Laughter to transcend our personal problems.

She can open our ability to laugh at ourselves to over-ride problem situations!  Even inspire us to see humour in a terrible situation. My friend with PTSD was so terrified that she barricaded herself into her room for a long time as a way of dealing with her fear. Then out of the blue saw herself doing this and shifted to laughter! Unexpected grace. A turning point in her healing.

-The Power of subtle communications. Thought is the precursor to reality. This speaks to the power of prayer and meditation to bring harmony. Focus on our hearts and send compassion to ourselves, tricky individuals and out into the world—E.G. Morning loving kindness meditation, including sending love and respect to our world leaders.

Saraswati carries the power of speech, inspirational ideas and loving spiritual presence. Modern day examples of this archetype are Marianne Williamson and Leonard Cohen.

We can invoke her presence with a dance to her mantra. Comingle with her strengths:

           Powerful Presence –mantra- prayer- sound- music- laughter -Detachment.
               (Saraswati by Girish,)