Guest Column: Give Me the Simple Life – Work?

by Morgan Kelly Diana Rein, Journalist


Are you reading this on one of your many “smart devices”? I’m sure you are but, in all honesty, don’t you just miss the days of reading the actual print on paper. I know I do! The smell of newspapers, the turning of pages while getting some ink on your fingertips is still such a turn on for me and not in a sexual manner. More of comforting feeling that stems from childhood like many things tend to be. 

Currently, I am looking for employment and there are many opportunities out there or so it appears. The pay is another story. And at times the number can feel dizzying.  However, everything is online to the point where it is quite extreme. For example, submitting your resume to all these different positions that are posted on an app (application) like Indeed. And typically after submission, you receive an alert and/or email saying, “you’re almost there, now please click the link below for your assessment”. 

Whenever I see something like that, I usually think to myself forget this! I’m not going to answer the same question rephrased five fucking times for a computer-generated system to even let the employer know that I’m a “qualified candidate”. Isn’t that what an interview is for? Also, on the real what the hell is the point of a cover letter while I’m on this topic. Cover letters just to be a customer service representative. No offense, but when is enough, enough? Not applying for an Ivy League university here! The winnowing process to see who puts up with the “control factor” nonsense? 

Technology is still great to have, but there is a fine line between how far in depth it needs to go especially when it comes to applying for jobs. And when did these employers feel it’s okay to set up interviews via email? What’s so hard about picking up a damn phone and speaking with someone? Have we lost the ability to even do that too? If so, I believe we as society are going down a negative spiraling vortex! 

As I am typing this, I just finished filling out an application that took me almost forty minutes. Who knows if I’ll even be considered as my eyes started to feel like they were bulging out of their sockets?

It was right then that I immediately missed waking up in the mornings, going to the convenience store, buying at least 3 newspapers and couldn’t wait to get back home to sit down with my coffee, cigarettes, and flip through to all the employment ads with my highlighter and notebook. Oh, and let me tell you, it was so exciting when you were actually allowed to call to inquire, and even get an interview during that same phone call. It was even bigger when you could just walk in and get an interview on the spot too! Nowadays, you can’t even get a gauge from an email since you can’t hear the persons voice or tone unless they perhaps include an exclamation mark and/or emoji. I wonder, do those phone sex jobs still exist? Bet you don’t have to take a thirty-minute assessment for that position! 

I’m sure that my words could be translated as complaining. You’re mistaken. Nor am I lazy. You see I don’t write about people that I feel need some serious help, rather I stick to the issues. Communication is still the foundation of any sort of relationship or potential relationship. Employers, pretend you’re a coach and you want the best players on your team so talk to them, one on one. Please reach out in a more personal manner, no need to super screen candidates beforehand. 

As my grandfather, the late Honorable Anthony P. Tunney Jr. said, “good, better, best, never ever rests, until your good is better and your better is best”. He was a man who wasn’t afraid to reach out and he enjoyed the simple life!